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Ot pedro martinez


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you know, if you actually watched, zimmer threw a punch. pedro has to protect himself.

Protect himself? He could have just stepped out of the way I mean come on he is a 20-30 something athlete. Zimmer is 72 all he had to do was step out of the way not throw him to the ground.

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Pedro coulda punched back, instead he just knocked the guy who was trying to hit him down. Zimmer was asking for it, did he expect to throw a punch at Pedro and not get any retaliation from him?
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Let me chime in here.

Zimmer, now there is a punk.  He has the balls to attack Pedro, but when Clemens throws and hits Piazza in the head its oh he didnt mean to hit him. Zimmer defends Clemens and that was a legit 90+ fastball directed right at injuring Piazza. Come on u cant defend one guy and go after the other.

Then the news comes out and its that Pedro throws him to the ground.  If u watch Pedro isnt doing anything and Zimmer comes after him.  He got what he deserves, he is lucky Pedro doesnt clean his clock.  I dont care what Pedro is 20, 30 whatever.

I played minor league baseball and u let the players play and coaches coach.  Zimmer is wrong flat out, no matter who Pedro threw at.

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