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Second-favorite Olympic team


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Naturally, your own country is the nation you root for in the Olympics.

But who's your second-favorite country?

Personally, being a full-blooded Norwegian, I've found myself rooting for Norway. And after the Americans and Norwegians, I usually root for Canadians.

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Acctually Jamaica isn't competing this year.  May I suggest the Bermudan Luge team or Ethiopian Cross Country Skier?

For me my second country will be France, to represent my heritage.

true, but one of the members of the team, Lascelles Brown, is competing in the olympics with Canada on one of their sleds.

So, jamaica_flag.gif pride lives on!!!

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I would have to say sweden, just cause I did a project on sweden, and normally play with them on NHL games if I do world cup stuff, and swedens cool. Might go with norway also, cause I have a friend this year whos a foreign exchange student from there, and of course you have to root for canada and england, cause there cool.

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