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Calling all females


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apparently SOMEONE didnt like this the way it was before. Ill just forget about adding any imput to this forum anymore, seeing as how SOMEONE is gonna be pissed everytime no matter how diplomatic you try to be.

guess its never good enough huh.

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Hey, Random, this is not a phukkin meat market. Don't put your raging hormones out for all of us to see. WE DON'T CARE!Take that crap elsewhere.

then again, this is a SPORTS LOGO forum and not to be stereotypical, most females would rather design fashion and hairstyles then sports uniforms. Im pretty sure there are quite a few of the exceptions out there though. they just havent found this board yet thats all!

Not only was it "sterotypical" that remark was short sighted and closed minded. Don't make a generalization based on what you don't know.

My girlfriend is interested in sports logos and uniforms. In fact she picks apart my work before I share it here. She even sits down to vectorize rare and defunct logos once in awhile. She'll never post her work or get involved on the board because, in her opinion, we aren't an interesting group.

You might be surprised how many females are creating logos and jerseys for professional sports teams. Marcy Silverman at Silverman Group, Inc. is one shining example of many.

Sharks, I know it sounded like you were trying to rationalize your comment but, you made it none-the-less. If I sound defensive forgive me, I have two amazing girls who are interested in far more than "fashion and hairstyles". They are my world and they deserve more credit than that statement.

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raging hormones? hardly, it was mere curiosity. sounds liek someone is a little salty.

and please, leave the PC garbage at home. any "sterotypical" remarks werent made maliciously. geez people need to calm down and not take everything so seriously.

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1) Bosox, i know it's painful, but you need to change that sigpic, it just rips my heart out everytime i see it...

2) i knew there had to be some girls on this board, and a PSU girl to boot (she's close to me....hehehehehe )


logos and uniforms are for all sexes... but the WNBA still sucks....

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I like Penn State, hate the Eagles..HATE THEM!


...sorry........i'm just excited that philly ain't going to the bowl....


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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