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Alexander and James on the Free Market

Saint Zephyr III

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Two of the best running backs in the entire league could potentially make a big splash on the free agency market this summer...just which teams, I wonder?

Let's just take a look, eh?

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers = No way, there's still mileage on that Cadillac.

Carolina Panthers = A surprising candidate...Alexander himself said he would not mind being a part of this team. When the MVP says they would enjoy playing there, that should make you a candidate.

New Orleans Saints = Picking up one of these two would be as stupid as drafting Bush...pass.

Atlanta Falcons = Probably not, but how dependable can Vick continue to be as a rusher?

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles = A pretty much definite no.

New York Giants = Heck no, but it'd be priceless that Barber and Alexander could trade uniforms and nobody would know.

Dallas Cowboys = There's still juice in Jones, and other things to concentrate on.

Washington Redskins = Offense needs work, but by working at it not pounding on more meat.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers = Very high possibility. However, there are stirrings about Green Bay being amored by LenDale White in the draft, so we'll see.

Detroit Lions = ...Maybe. But most likely not.

Chicago Bears = Thomas Jones did fine, and Benson should improve.

Minnesota Vikings = Another high possibility. A running attack can support a receiving attack that needs some major work.

NFC West

Seattle = They better be a high possibility. If somehow they don't get Alexander immediately, then they better pick up Edge quickly.

San Francisco = A strong possibility, for Alexander more than Edge.

Arizona = A major possibility. It's already shown that they expect to offer Alexander up to $10M a year.

St. Louis = Probably not, yet Jackson wasn't the anchor that the Rams hoped he be, so who knows.

AFC East

New England = It'd be just too much if Edge would end up as a part of his old team's arch-nemesis.

New York Jets = A very good chance. Martin is only getting older.

Buffalo Bills = McGahee is full of potential...best not to put too much pressure on him.

Miami Dolphins = They already have two...though it is close to home for Edge.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers = Is there enough faith in Parker? Probably.

Cinncinati Bengals = It's call triplets for a reason.

Cleveland Browns = Reuben just gave this organization their first 1K rushing season in almost a decade...not a nice way to reward them.

Baltimore Ravens = ...Perhaps.

AFC South

Indianapolis = If they can't keep Edge, then they can't get Alexander.

Jacksonville = A definite team that is expected to go after the runners.

Tennessee = Edge-Young combo would sound pretty sweet, eh?

Houston = The Second Coming is arriving...no need to deter it.

AFC West

Kansas City Cheifs = Larry Johnson is going to EXPLODE next season, so leave him be.

Oakland Raiders = Could be...anything could help this team at this point.

Denver Broncos = So, what, two 1,000 yarders isn't good enough?

San Diego Chargers = Yeah, right.

So, the nominees are, excluding the original teams, Carolina, Jacksonville, Arizona, Tennessee, Green Bay, and San Francisco.

So, what do you think?

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Explain how the Eagles are a "pretty much definitely no" again? They're always way under the cap, their need for a stud RB was exhibited painfully for the world to see all last season relying on screen passes to an undersized scatback, they finished in the Top 4 in the NFL 5 of the past 6 seasons, they have a solid organization. Where's the definite no in all this? :blink:

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Alexander stays and Edge I think goes to Arizona.

Off Topic but who else thinks T.J. Duckett would be a great fit in Pittsburgh?

He definitely fits the mold of the bus...However, I remember hearing something of him saying that he doesn't play to full potential each play. I should say that he takes plays off now and again. I don't know his numbers, but I think he could get fired up playing for the Steelers.

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Dallas Cowboys = There's still juice in Jones, and other things to concentrate on.

One of the best witty comments on this board B)

I could easily see Edge going to the Vikes. I'm pretty sure Alexander stays in Seattle. The thing about Arizona is they need a brand new o-line before a new running back - Arrington and Shipp are pretty good if and/or when they have a chance. Miami's top priority, I would think, is a true #1 QB - though Gus did okay last year.

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Right now I'm thinking Green Bay will sign James because both Davenport and Green are also FAs. Alexander should stay in Seattle.

I see your point, but James will cost alot of money and the Packers have more important things to spend it on. I could see them resigning either Green or Davenport next season and have Samkon Gado too. Personally I can see them trying for a RB in the next draft.

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Maybe I'm not reading the situations very well, but my gut instinct is that both backs stay put. I think each team recognizes that they are legitimate championship contenders with their present team chemistry and would take any reasonable measures to preserve that chemistry. Likewise, my read on each of the players is that they are the type of competitors that recognize that migration to a franchise not in as good of a position to contend as each of their present employers might set them back 2-4 years (a virtual eternity for running backs) from where they stand right now.

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Dallas Cowboys = There's still juice in Jones, and other things to concentrate on.

One of the best witty comments on this board B)

And yet he could have stepped it up a little more by saying there's still juice in Julius.

Fans of a certain mall-based whipped orange beverage purveyor will get the joke.

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