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Anyone seen my Baseball?


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OK, just a few concepts i had lying around on my computer. Thought youd like to see.

First one, Cubs road alt


Second one, home and road A's alts. I know Sleeveless alts arent terribly accepted, but i think itd work for Oakland, kind of a nod to the past.


Third one, home and road Tigers alts. The first one just kinda incorporates more Orange into the Tigers home uni, which id like to see, the second one is kind of a throwbackish lookin alt. Yes, a grey hat, i think it works


Third one is a replacement alt to the D Backs sleeveless alt. Ialways think sleeveless versions of the home jersey is kinda pointless. Dont know if i like creme or white better


C and C appreciated :D

EDIT: ahh dammit. Gotta fix the Cubs pants to road, ill do that tomorrow.

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Okay, I'll go one my one and just give you my opinion on some of these.

Concept #1: Speaking as a Cubs fan, I'm really not feelin the red caps and red jerseys. Maybe as a one time 4th of July thing, but nothing more. As far as I'm concerned, the Cubbies are pretty much untouchable.

Concept #2: I like these. The only thing missing would be an elephant patch on the away sleves. Other than that, great job.

Concept #3: The Detroit homes are sweet. I might shring the logo on the hat, but the rest if fine. As for the roads, I'm not too big on gray hats, but if you're gonna go with that, I think making it a vest and adding navy sleves would be a nice touch.

Concept #4: I'll make this one short... Cream all the way! Superb job, my friend.

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I agree with Curty on the Cubs. too much Red.

I don't like the elephant on the A's home jersey, but that road jersey is awesome. They had a similar home jersey in about 1983 (but not sleeveless) and it was awsome.

For Detroit, you pretty much swapped the home and roads. I like it the way it is now. The home jersey should not change. Your road jersey would be a solid road alternate for Detroit though.

Arizona concept is nice. I like the caps alot. I prefer the white jersey.

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CUBS: Cubs fans would sooner drop dead than see their team in the color of their archrivals from St. Louis.

A's: Like 'em. Nothing to add here.

TIGERS: If I wasn't such a fan of their home uniforms, this would be an outstanding replacement (can't see the Tigers in vests, though). Your road set is a nice change, but the gray hats have gotta go. Plenty of teams tried - and failed - with these already.

D'BACKS: I'd rather see them in white; cream looks contrived for a team with less than 20 years of history to fall back on. And I don't like the idea of pairing the "A" monogram on the jersey with the "D" monogram on the cap. Looks very careless if the only two identifying marks on the uniform don't agree in terms of letter, color and style.

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cubs- i like the red uni's but you it would look better with the Royal hat.

tigers-i like the grey hat but it doesnt fit well with a grey jersey. i would dig a navy hat with grey lettering and bill. or use that grey hat with the navy uni's

dbacks-i like this design alot. good job.

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cubs- i think the red uni is very cool, but i would never see the cubs wearing them

a's- i'm not feeling the elephant patch on the home; i think it would be fantabulous as a sleeve patch. i really like the away jerseys. as said before, i think you should use the elephant as a sleeve patch.

tigers- i like the home uniform-that orange looks pretty sweet, however, i would remove the orange from the hat. my favorites are your tigers away unis. excellent idea and great retro style.

d backs- as an arizona fan, i really am digging the uniforms, even though i think arizona should screw their design and start from scratch. i always thought that there should be more copper in the uniforms, it was a great inclusion there.

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Cubbies- I agree with what's been said. You can't really change their look

A's- I like these, actually. I'd still like to see the yellow vest make a return.

Tigers- IMO, they have the best home uniforms in baseball. I love em. What you did isn't bad by any means, but it's a downgrade. The road set you did was nice, except the gray cap just doesn't work. The Pirates and Royals tried gray caps, and they looked terrible.

D-backs- I think they need an overhaul badly, so I can't say that I like what you've done. It's not your fault, you were given garbage to work with. If you got rid of the gold brim of the hat, it might look slightly better, although the D-Backs just have terrible uniforms in general. In this case, I think teal is better than purple.

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