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college baseball uniforms


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I like the use of the Braves-style script on Baylor's unis.

Also, I wish that I could find a pic of the complete primary home set for Troy. I would draw one, but my computer crashed this morning.  :cursing:  :bonk:

Speaking of Braves-style script, Purdue's uniforms have a very similar treatment, with "Boilers" in script and their hammer running below it (a la the Braves tomahawk)


The baseball team at my alma mater (UW-Milwaukee) now uses a script wordmark for "Panthers" that is very similar to what the Padres use:


Iowa's uniforms are very similar to the Pittsburgh Pirates home/away set (at least in design):


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My alma mater, Texas A&M-Kingsville, wear a slightly modified version of the Pirates home unis. It's royal & gold, and the numbers are standard block instead of the Pirates font. I really dig them.

This is semi-off-topic, but why is it so damn hard to find any college baseball jersey for sale anywhere?! A while back Champs Sports sold some Nike jerseys (Texas, UNC, Miami), but other than that, I haven't seen anything. I suppose you could count CollegeJersey.com, but those are game-worn, and there aren't a lot of teams.

Well, except I just noticed Illinois is selling that blue jersey. Whatever. They're still hard to find.

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Texas A&M-Corpus Christi had some really wacky uniforms, especially their hats. They had some weird logo on them. Their batting helmets had a blue-chrome finish to them with that logo on them. They were awful.

Also, I like Tulane's unis too, but not with the pinwheel hat. I'm not against the pinwheel hat in general (heck, my favorite hat for Troy is our pinwheel hat), but I have never been fond of Tulane's pinwheel hat.

I've also liked Wichita State's unis, too.

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I have long thought that the vast majority of college teams have respectable uniforms, and even their alternate jerseys don't get too out of control. The biggest problem of late has been the players' tendency to wear their pants hiked up way too high, but I figure that like all fads, it too will pass.

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That logo on the Corpus hat is a wave breaking, which makes a C.


Thanks for pointing that out. In fact, they wore the green hats last Friday and wore a blue and white version of that hat for the Saturday double-header.

Also, some other criticisms.

Purdue: Don't like the gold hat.

Ohio St.: Good unis, but needs to inverse order of colors on the script and numbers.

Auburn: Need to make primary home and road jerseys have the "TIGERS" and "AUBURN" wordmarks on them, especially with the tail on them. They could use any jerseys with the "AU" logo on them as alts.

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