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Olympic Cheerleaders?


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I can't seem to find a picture of this, but has anyone else noticed the cheerleaders in the walkways in the stands during the women hockey games this year in Torino? Further more, does anyone know their purpose? It looks really out of place, not only becasue its hockey, but mostly because they are not cheering for one team over the other. It's the same cheerleaders for each game (no matter what teams are playing) and they are just dancing in place during the game.

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They got to give the crowds something to be entertained by.  All of the women's hockey games have been relative blowouts.

On a side note, I hope that little chime played after a penalty is called doesn't continue with the men's game.  It's getting rather annoying....

I would understand if these girls were actually entertaining, but they are not. They are VERY generic and dont even move around much. And I am not shallow guy, but many of them dont have the features you would usually attach to a cheerleader.

On your side note, I hope they dont have the opprotunity to play that dumb audio clip during the men's tourney. There has been a ridiculous amount of penalties called in the women's games so far.

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Actually I think "Doc" Emerick commented on the cheerleaders during Canada's second game route....he said something to the nature of the cheering squad is a generic bunch that have to wear neutral colors and root for both teams..thats why they wear the putrid neon orange and green...

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Hockey cheerleaders are very common in college hockey, and in Minnesota High School hockey... And, yes, between skating, they usualy stand in the walkways and cheer. Here are two photos I found by Googling "hockey cheerleaders:"

Warroad, MN HS (Class A State Champs, 2005, BTW)


and the University of Minnesota




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