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indoor team signs...Bradshaw?


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Saturday, 11 February 2006 

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. ? In a blatant publicity stunt that could add depth to its quarterback corps, the Daytona Beach Thunder of the American Indoor Football League signed former Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw late Thursday night.

Bradshaw signed the AIFL standard player contract, using the back of Thunder owner Zack McDonald for support, at a reception prior to Bradshaw?s speaking at the Daytona Beach/Halifax Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting February 8, 2006.


Standard pay for an AIFL player is $250 per game plus a winning bonus, but one player can be declared ?a franchise player? and make a little more. Sparing no expense, the Thunder has declared Bradshaw its franchise player and will compensate him the sum of $254.88 per game ? adding one dollar for each of his Super Bowl victories and kicking in the 88 cents to honor wide receiver Lynn Swann ? if he makes the team.


The Thunder also presented Bradshaw with a jersey ? and our colors of scarlet, gold and black may be familiar to him -bearing the number 12 and his name on the back. Owners Kevin and Zack McDonald also gave Bradshaw an official Thunder game helmet.


?Though we grew up Miami Dolphin fans, we always had a great respect for what you and your teammates accomplished,? Thunder spokesman Dan Ryan told Bradshaw on behalf on the owner?s group. ?If we can emulate the success of you on the field and that of the Rooney family in Pittsburgh, then we?ve done our jobs.?


With the Thunder?s training camp opening that evening, Head Coach/General Manager Ervin Bryson, a diehard Steelers fan, was unable to attend. He remained uncommitted when ask if he would let Bradshaw call his owns plays like he did in Pittsburgh.


?I?m going to have to think about that one,? Bryson smiled. Bradshaw would be listed fourth on the Thunder?s depth chart behind Travis Wilson, Jose Laureano and Marcus Walker.


?I would welcome the challenge of battling a Terry Bradshaw for playing time,? Wilson said. ?And I would appreciate the honor to benefit from his experience and share in his positive outlook on life.?


Bradshaw spent 14 years with the Steelers, throwing for 27,989 yards and 212 touchdowns while building a dynasty that resulted in four Super Bowl champion for the Steel City. He twice garnered the Super Bowl MVP honor, was the National Football League?s regular season MVP in 1978 and appeared in three Pro Bowls.


The 57-year old Louisiana Tech product is currently a studio host for Fox Television?s NFL coverage  and has resumed his burgeoning movie career after a 25-year break, following up the unforgettable ?Hooper? and ?Cannonball Run? with a turn in the motion picture ?Failure to Launch? to be released March 10th. He and Kathy Bates play the parents of Matthew McConaughey's character.


The Thunder front office, along with that of TUI Business Machines, attended the 86th annual chamber meeting, were delighted with Bradshaw?s humorous message on life, community, happiness and love.


?You see Mr. Bradshaw on television, but his persona and message are something that has to be experienced in person,? Zack McDonald said. ?I have never laughed so hard or left a business meeting feeling that good. This was indeed a treat and we appreciate Mr. Bradshaw coming to Daytona Beach.?

know what'd be hilarious? if they ran out of QBs and ol TB had to go in :hockeysmiley:

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