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I had this idea for a long time but i wasn't sure if it was done yet. Anyway I just want to see opinions of people that if you had to watch one current game right now because of the jersey matchup, then list it. Pick your favorite home jersey and favorite road/alternate for the two teams to go against each other.

Nba: Pistons Alt. (red) @ Phoenix Suns

Nhl: Atlanta Thrashers (White) @ Minnesota Wild

Mlb: Astros (Rd.) @ Marlins (black Alt.)

Nfl: Seahawks @ Panthers (Black)

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winghaz, yours are close to mine.

MLB: agree, Yankees home vs Cardinals road. (but not with the black hats!)

NFL: agree, Colts blue vs KC white.

NBA: Knicks home vs Celtics road. (I like the green)

NHL: Canadiens red vs Maple Leafs white. Traditional, classic, beautiful.

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