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All you Bills fans out there, I have to admit I'm a little curious as to why they're behind with inductions to the Wall of Fame. Why don't they do two guys a year, like the Cowboys do? As I recall, they were doing this a few years ago, but aren't now. Does anybody know the reason why?

Reason I mention this is, there are four guys from the Super Bowl era that have yet to be placed on the wall, and deserve to: Bruce Smith, Cornelius Bennett, Andre Reed, and Steve Tasker. I think you'll agree ^_^ .

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They usually induct 1 a year last year it was Thurman Thomas in 04 it was Jim Ritcher and in 03 it was Darell Talley

It would be nice if they put Tasker, Smih, Bennet, and Reed on the wall soon

Members of Wall of Fame:

Ambroski, Ed (Trainer)

Delamielleure, Joe (OG)

Dubenion, Elbert (WR)

Ferguson, Joe (QB)

Hull, Kent ©

James, Robert (CB)

Kalsu, Bob (OG)- killed during Vietnam war - Only played 1 year with the Bills

Kelly, Jim (QB) - Number 12 also Retired

Kemp, Jack (QB)

Levy, Marv (Head Coach & Current GM)

McGroeder, Patrick (VP or Bills in 62-85)

Saimes, George (S)

Sestak, Tom (DT)

Shaw, Billy (OG)

Simpson, OJ (RB)

Smerlas, Fred (NT)

Straton, Mike (LB)

Talley, Daryl (LB)

Wilson, Ralph (Owner of Bills for 46 years)

THE 12th MAN

Thomas, Thurman (RB)

Deserving Members:

Smith, Bruce?

Reed, Andre?

Tasker, Steve?

Bennet, Cornelius?

Hansen, Phil?

Christie, Steve?

Moulds, Eric?

Byrd, Butch?

They usually announce who will be inducted in Mid April or so.

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