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Houston Gamblers Concept


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After my entry for Astrobowl II lost, I decided to retool my Houston Gamblers concepts. Here is my updated concept. The top two are the standard home and away. The third is the throwback uniform which is worn with the throwback helmet, and the forth is the away alt. C&C appreciated.


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Love the concept, even if it gets a little close to the LA Sharks from "Any Given Sunday".

The part that isn't working for me is your helmet logo. Trying to work a spade (or any card suit) looks a little forced. Why not go in a different direction that conveys gambling: roulette wheel, dice, chips? You could easily slap a "G" on a die (or "H" and "G" on different sides).

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You may want to take some inspiration from the throwback to help your primary logo concept.

They used a G with the serif pointing outward rather than toward the center to make the logo look less forced.

Also look at the size fo the spade compared to the size of the state of Texas, yours is really big. Downsizing it and maintaing the outline consistency should help the look as well.

I would also consider a heavier weight outline.

I'm not really digging the secondary either, maybe some shading to the suits to add some depth would help. But like D (who does offer great C&C) there are several other gambling things you could use in the secondary. The idea I like is to incorporate a deck of cards, some poker chips and a pistol. I like throwing the pistol in there for one cause the old school gun wielding gamblers, plus Houston ran the Run and Shoot with Jack Pardee.

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