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Big legit project-poss. paying gig


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Alright, I have been posting for a little while now and had an idea for a real project. First, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am from the Flint, Mi area.  I am a mortgage consultant and also own a company called Trifecta Athletics, which I haven't really done anything with in forever. This company was my dream since I was in high school. I want to be an apparel and shoe company like Nike or Reebok only more grassroots, without the corporate feel. I actually incorporated the company to get paid as a salesman in my last job-to get out of the 1099 mess and self employment taxes. As far as using the company for what it was intended for, I have done a few minor projects with it. I was planning a large high school basketball tourny in Flint, but things didn't work out for this year, so I may try again for next.

Now to the project at hand. I would like to go to some area high schools and offer them new identity packages(edit: INCLUDING LOGOS/WORDMARKS), uniform designs and apparel. I have some wholesale suppliers that I can use for the clothing, jerseys that will put my tags on the items so it will be Trifecta apparel. As far as the designing goes, I just got a copy of Illustrator and have been so busy at my "real" job that I haven't even touched it yet. You guys are already awesome at this stuff. I do have some football and basketball uni sketches that I will try to do with my PC and post, but they would need touching up. If I take any of your designs to a school and they want to use them, I will work out a payment for you. I am not in this to make huge money, mainly I want to get my name and stuff out there. Hey, who knows, maybe my company will get huge and I will need full time designers and I can hire my buddies from the Cream Forum. If anyone has tshirt ideas based on their or someone else's concept, they would also be possibilities for being used.

I have 8 area schools in mind to start. They are all class A/B (in Michigan from biggest to smallest is A, B, C, D). As far as uniforms, I would like to concentrate on (in order of importance) basketball, football, and baseball. I will post the team colors and logos in next post.

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Okay, here are the schools. The football helmets are as close as I could get for the logos, except for Davison.


Grand Blanc Bobcats Black and Red

Kearsley Hornets Blue and Maize

Carman-Ainsworth Cavaliers Royal and Silver

Flushing Raiders Black and Orange

Swartz Creek Dragons Red and White

Powers Catholic Navy and Orange

Goodrich Martians Navy and Maize

Davison Cardinals Maroon and Metallic Gold

Notes: GB does not have any actual Bobcat Logo (they should!)

CA uses a cavalier that is similar to the old TB Buccaneer

SC has a dragon that is similar a silhouette

Flushing uses some kind of bird

Powers does have a ram logo

Goodrich uses as you can see, a trojan for its martian (yuk!)

Davison does not use black as in logo

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Sounds interesting...I've had some experience with high school identity redesign and I'd be more than happy to see what I could do. Now these logos...are they set in stone...or can we submit some revised logo sets along with the revised uniforms.  Also, how much freedom would you suggest for the colors...obviously too much change wouldn't fly, but what about slight adjustments, say maize to old gold or crimson to burgundy, etc.?
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Sorry if I was vague with logos/wordmarks. I would prefer new logos and/or word marks. I want to take in a total package. As far as heavy changes, I would say try whatever you want but I doubt if say Flushing would totally switch directions and use a Pirate for their logo. But, if you have a good one, I will take it in with the others and see what happens.  If I were to pick ones that needed a total overhaul though, I would pick Grand Blanc-need a real Bobcat, they just use the paw print, and Goodrich-their martian is stupid!

As far as colors, Davison just switched to Metallic Gold, they used to use USC's gold. So, there is a possibility they might make adjustments. But for say Grand Blanc to switch from Red and Black to Navy and Beige- ain't gonna happen.

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OK, (wow everyone sure seems to be excited about this one, LOL!) here is one I did for Grand Blanc.  I didn't do the helmets because I don't have a logo for them (that's where you guys come in).  But, I came up with this design a while back but never did it on the PC, so what do you think?


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Yeah, no doubt, I was meanin anything anyway. If people want to try they will, and I'll think them, if not, that's cool. I'm not one to think people are obligated. I know there are some who post then get pissed when no one does anything. But, I will say this, Sterling said that it's all about getting your designs out there to be legitimately used and I am presenting a possible opportunity. So, I hope a lot of the guys give it a shot. :cool:

As far as it being big, I guess 8 is big, but I figure if I can go to 8 schools, there's more of a chance 1 will do it. Then, I can go back to the others that said maybe and say, "Well School X is doing it," and it might motivate them. 7 of the 8 are in a conference together, so I kinda want to be the man for that conference.

By the way, thanks for the complement on the uni.

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Well, Cuss, actually the first step is to get a good package together which may be from multiple designers. The next step would be to get a school to actually utilize some or all of the package. Let's say that a school likes the uniform package that maybe Sterling comes up with. If I can have the things made at a good price and I sell the school35 of them and make $10 bucks a piece, that's $350. I'd say if the design was entirely his, and it was an easy sell, I'd split it with him. Some guys may just want one of the jerseys with their name on it. That's cool too, especially if it's a really hard sell and I spend lots and lots of time and trips to the school on it. I guess it's on an individual basis.

Cool GMac, I like what I've seen from you so far!

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Sorry, yeah it's the Powers Chargers.  I put Catholic in there for the purposes of their wordmark, but I don't even think they use that anymore.

As far as concentrating on a few, I'd say...

Grand Blanc-they need a Bobcat logo, they have the money to switch unis anytime they feel like it

Kersley-They have some ugly looking stuff, the logo's just so-so

Goodrich-need a new martian

Powers-again, they have the money

But I could say stuff about each school like this, so let me just say pick the ones you think you would have the most fun with or be able to do the best.

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