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Texas league All Star Logo


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I know the Texas league composes of teams from states other than Texas, but it is just weird to see a logo that has the words Texas League in it while being in the shape of Arkansas

Agreed. "Texas League" has obviously come to mean as much as "Carolina League", "Pacific Coast League" or "New York-Penn League" (or "East Coast Hockey League" or "Atlantic 10" or "Big East" if we want to keep looking).(MEMO TO SELF -- Next time I found an athletic league or conference, DO NOT include a geographic designation in the name.)

As for the logo itself, it's not bad. Nothing spectacular, but nothing jumps out at me as being particularly bad either.

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Can we add numbers to that as well, i.e. "Big Ten?"

I've always thought of that as a separate issue, but absolutely. That is actually worse than the "Atlantic", "East Coast" or "Pacific Coast" issue, because you can try to make an argument (however weak) that Dayton and St. Louis belong in a conference named for the Atlantic Ocean and that Memphis and New Orleans belong in a league named for the Pacific Ocean. Numbers are numbers.

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