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Steinbrenner predicts World Series win


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*Points to avatar*

Remind you of something?

*snaps to reality*

Oops, sorry guys, I almost had another one of those "Repeat of 1960 World Series" predictions again.

I get those every once in awhile.

Wow, all those losing seasons are really gettin' to me now.

But, we all know the Yanks will put their money to good use.


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I have no problem with what he said. He feels good about the 2006 team and let somebody in the media know it. If a bunch of people on an Internet message board can predict the world champion (in fact, that's done on this site on another thread), then so can Steinbrenner. I wonder how people would react if any other owner had said that about his team.

I have nothing but respect for Steinbrenner and the Yankees. I can't think of very many owners in all of sports who are as dedicated to winning like Steinbrenner is. He could have put all the profits into his pocket like some other owners, but he instead puts it into getting the pieces he thinks he needs to win another world championship. I admit it--I wish my team had him as an owner and I'd take his track record over any other owner in baseball.

True, he did not have to say anything to anyone about the Yankees' chances this year and he could have kept his feelings to himself. However, there's nothing wrong with letting it out, either. Optimism and self-confidence will never be taboos in my book.

I hate to see how wasteful spending and trying to bankrupt other teams fits in your book. Somehow, I feel that this will backfire, because he has an core of old people, and I don't think they have the stamina to reach the World Series, let alone win it. But, then again, We saw how $200 Million did. I doubt this years team will be on top, but I don't mind if King George make a big fool of himself.

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