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AFL Providence Steamrollers


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Providence had an AFL team in 1988 the New England Steamrollers. With rumors of Boston getting an AFL franchise, Providence has been floated as a possible city for a new AF2 franchise soonafter.

Using the original logo and helmet design and some (I'll admit) plain uniforms, here is what I think the team could look like. I want to add some striping up the sides as well, but I am a novice at these uniform concepts. So once I figure out how to do that, I'm sure it will greatly enhance the appearance of these uniforms.




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Could I see a New York Dragons/Boston AFL rivalry in the making? Maybe I'm just dreaming...

I can see Providence as an AF2 franchise as a possibility. But not as the Steamrollers. Maybe the name could stick around, but not the logo. Because the 'Rollers logo is pretty dated. And the colors and black unis remind me of the Amarillo Dusters a bit.

And another thing, slanted logos make it harder for the average fan (let alone a Helmet Project person) to identify with.

Perhaps a modernization of the logo and different colors could pull off the trick, no?

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I love the Steamrollers logo. It is one of very few AFL mini helmets I have bought. I don't think it works slanted, because the original was a wrap around.

It could be modernized a bit, but the basic concept is very nicely done.

I also think the LA Cobras, NY Knights and Chicago Bruisers worked well from the same year. I think the Bruisers would still have been better than the Rush (The rushing R only works on one side of the helmet, otherwise they are running away.

For as bad as Arena uniforms have been, many of the logos have really been nice. I would even propose the Buffalo Destroyers primary logo (the head, not the porthole behind it) as a Bills secondary.

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