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Bucs Alt Road Concept


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OK First off, I know that in the NFL you cant have two helmets, dont care. I also know that it looks a bit Falcon esque, but ive had this idea since way before they switched back to the black pants. Im not against switching from the pewter, but i think that a black metallic flake helmet with the ship logo would look bad ass.


I gotta give massive props to DirtyCurty for the help with the template and #s.

C and C Appreciated

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Try the flag logo outlines in white on the black helmet and I think you have the workings of an interesting update.

I like the black pants too, but black pants might look a bit aggressive with all the pweter on the uniforms.

Maybe if the Bucs did a black uni with pewter numbers outlined in red and white and black pants......hmmmmm

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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