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Canadiens Montréal


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I think I just heard every Canadiens fan scream out in fear and pain...

Nice idea...but the Canadiens fans wont like it one bit...

I thought the same thing--

But change the leaves to stars or something--alter the shades of blue & red a bit, and you'd have a pretty good Rangers' alt.

(Well & change the shoulder logos.)

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Change the blues to maroons, take the "C" off, make it an M, and you have an excellent update of a Maroons jersey.

While I like the design, this is something more suited for a $29.99 shirt at K-Mart. :D

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I LOVE IT!!! Unlike all my friends on this board, i'm for changes in unis, even the Habs, and believe me, i'm one of Canadiens' biggest fan, but i'm tired to see them with the same old unis year after year. I was so pumped in the early 90's when the organisation annonced a change in their uniforms but got so bumed when i discovered that only the numbers would change and the logo getting a little bit bigger....

Anyway, your concept is great! Simple but verry nice, kindda old look and actual in same time. And the Expos logo, WOW! Keep up your good work!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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