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Les Nordiques de Québec Swift Concept


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The third sweater has promise, but...

1. The pairing of red and blue stripes in the "back muscles" panels on the sides is painful to look at. Like a bad attempt at 3-D. They need to be separated with white or change one of the colors (red most likely) to white. Otherwise, it's a bad optical illusion.

2. The number font screams "I don't want to be taken seriously like a top-level team." More like something a lower division Euro club team.

3. Red mesh on a blue sweater? Why? It looks forced.

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I knew it was only a matter of time before you ****** ***** started using the swift template for your concepts.

There is no "bandwagon", just a bunch of predictable ******** ********* not being original.

Great. It's a jersey in colors they have already used with logos they already used put into a paint by numbers template. There's no creativity involved. It's just all paint by numbers stuff a 6-year-old could do. No need to do the rest of the league because we can all picture them in our minds already.

Yawn. <_<

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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