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Clemens throws chin music at own kid

Mac the Knife

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Does that mean if his son breaks his bat, his father will throw it at him? If his son takes a walk off him, will his father yell at him and call him a @$$hole?

If his son charges the mound after him and slugs him one is that considered good or bad? I've lost track.

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Hahahahaha!!! lol good that one, Bleujayone...!!!

Hey, what is exactly a simulated game?

from Baseball America:

A simulated game is basically a structured practice, where a pitcher will throw to hitters, simulating a real game experience. Pitchers will generally throw simulation games as one of the steps of their rehab, before they go on a minor league rehab assignment and throw in an actual game.

I recall during a Cubs pregame show once they showed Kerry Wood pitching to Jose Macias and another batter in such a simulated game before Wood was sent down for rehab. apparently in the regular season some teams bother to use home/away unis as if it was a real game. Likely the only times you'll see a team's home and road jerseys on the field at the same time.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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