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WLAF Hawaii


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Another good color scheme and logo. I especially like the "Kings" font. Two questions/comments, however:

1. What is the actual name of the team? Are they the "Hawaiian Kings", without a city/state name (like the "MetroStars" or, to stay in the NFLE/WLAF mode, the "Scottish Claymores")? If so, then the name works. Otherwise, Hawaii Hawaiian Kings would be a mouthful.

2. Either way, you have misspelled "Hawaiian" (the second A is missing). :D

Again, good work.

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You got this all wrong, cyandlux!

1. You misspelled "Hawaiian" (spelled it as "Hawiian")

2. You have "Hartford Mastodons" as the name of the concept!

I think the capacity needs another digit...

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nice, nice, nice...this is a great set...when you're done and you have them all to your liking, you need one final post with all of them together

on the helmet, i'd make the black outline thicker or add a white outline around it to give the logo a bit more pop - wordmark and logo are very good and i love the way the warrior just fits right into the wordmark perfectly...great job

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