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Hey Guys:

I've been working on a client project for a few months. He's a real estate developer with a powerful sounding last name (Wolfinger) and named the company using his last name (Wolfinger Enterprises, LLC). I had some difficulty coming up with a logo, but a couple of months ago we settled on this, something I feel very happy with:


Today, as we were going to print on all the basics, I got an email from this client, sending me to a site for Wolf Distributing Company. Their logo is:


Are there concerns? I mean, I didn't ever see this logo before. Are there enough differences in concept in style?

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Appreciate the feedback. I know how much conversation there is on this board about ripping off work or having something looking startingly similar to something else. In addition, I wanted to alleviate my client's fears that the mark wasn't sufficiently different from what was out there.

By the way Jezus_Ghoti, thank you for the kind words.

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I agree with all of the points above. That being said, where does Wolf Distributing do business relative to your client (i.e., is it also in the Pittsburgh area)? Also, does the Wolf Distributing logo have a trademark registration symbol next to it (it is not clear in your post)? If they are in the same area or if the Wolf Distributing trademark has been registered, I see a very slight chance of a trademark issue arising (as opposed to infringement on the copyright of Wolf Distributing or its logo designer).

The reason I say it is very slight is that:

1. The company names are different.

2. They appeared to be engaged in very different businesses.

3. The logos are reasonably different, as discussed above.

The test for trademark infringement is the likelihood of confusion on the part of consumers. For the reasons above, I think you would be able to prove that the likelihood of confusion was extremely low if Wolf Distributing were ever to raise the issue.

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