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Toronto Raptors Concept


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I dropped the purple, since they are planning on doing that anyway. I gave the uniforms a really modern look since they are one of the leagues newest franchises. I also tried to make the uniforms go along with the text. C&C please.

Primary Logo








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Diggin' the striping on the shorts. Not crazy about the unnecessary stripes going up the backs of the jerseys. Not so bad, although I like the font the Raps use for the numbers and the wordmark now, and IMO they're worth keeping (at least the numbers font).

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Please, anything but black for the Raptors. Even though I am a fan on black on unis, I am not digging that one. I would rather see a purple or gray one as an alt, but they are "dropping" purple and I highly doubt that they would have a gray alternate jersey.

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