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A Nice Little Conversation


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Hey guys,

I saw a posting for a graphic designer on craigslist. I saw the pay was $6/hr for a "high quality printing company." I was concerned, as a designer and as someone that truly respects the talent associated with design, at the meager wage this guy was paying. I wrote the following email:



I wanted to write and say that, as a quality graphic designer, your offered rate of $6/hr is disturbingly low.

Graphic design is more than simple computer operation. It's the ability to see things in a way that effectively and poignantly communicate a message to a customer. Learning the nuances of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark and other design/layout programs takes a considerable amount of training and innate ability. It is absolutely ridiculous and unfair for you to play less than a crewperson at McDonald's.

I seriously hope you reconsider your rate so that you can provide your clients with quality design. A rate of at least $10/hr is reasonable, though $15/hr really should be your minimum.

There's no point in being a "high quality promotional printing company" if you have low quality graphic design.




His response:

Thanks for your information. If the pay isn?t good enough then clearly you shouldn?t be concerned with it. You don?t even know what the job description is, aside from what is on Craig?s List? I have already received 50 emails with people asking for the job (knowing the pay well in advance). Maybe you should mind your own business.

There?s a McDonalds right down the street from us ? I know they?re hiring? would you like me to give them your contact information?


My final response:


I wasn't writing to flame. I was writing because I'm concerned about the wages that you're paying what is a very skilled position. I respect the work of graphic designers and was just hoping to change your mind about the pay rate.

Best regards,


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Sounds like Joel's old job.

You ddi the right thing by writing. That guy sounds like a tool, and anyone who'd take a job with him is far too desperate, or is being fooled.

Well, or they suck.

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