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AUBG Griffins


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This is a sports logo concept for an university here, that is the American University in Bulgaria, to be used with its soccer, football, volleyball and basketball teams.

I have used some of the kit templates at the forum, great thanks for them!


th_84798_bas_copy.jpg th_84800_afl_copy.jpg th_84806_soc_copy.jpg



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Actually, the logo is the task (first time I'm trying to make a, hmm, US style maskot based sports logo). I'm using the uniforms for visualisation.

I've made it simple as they are looking for a more conteporary than heraldic griffin image. It should also look good both in large scale and small.

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Thanks for the comments.

Yep, I'm sort of proud with the wordmark. It's aggressive and looks good on the kits. Not sure about the griffin still - as I said its my first logo of this type - we do not have many such team names in Europe.

Blue is the university color, I've added silver cause it fits good and looks noble.

Leggman, an "o-lineman" means "letter-dash-line-person" to me. 69 is just a cool number :-))

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