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New sighting of MLB's "flag" logo


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Cruising memorabilia auctions, I happened upon this:

1975 Bill Madlock's All-Star MVP Award (American Memorabilia auction)

I can't find the old conversation concerning this logo, but I seem to recall that MLB used it as a logo for the Commissioner's office after the new logo was introduced.

We now know that it was used by MLB at least through 1975 in some capacity.

Seems strange that they wouldn't use the official MLB logo on an All-Starr MVP trophy, doesn't it?

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To recap-this was called the Commissioner's mark, and was a visual staple of the Bowie Kuhn years. Discarded in the very early '80s. Used on letterheads from the Commissioner's office, playoff ticket stubs bearing his signature, never really appearing on licensed goods, with the exception of the 1970 All Star Game program cover.

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