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Some Nashville Predators Sweater Concepts


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That first one is awesome!

I'm not feeling the second one that much though.

The First one would make a sweet alternate for them, I feel that it may be a little too wild for the NHL to use all the time.

I'm not like a lot of people on these forums, I love when stuff is wild and flashy, so this is awesome in my mind.

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:welcome: aboard.

Not bad, and great job using MSPaint.

My gut tells me it's just too overdone for an NHL sweater. If you got rid of 30-50% of the design elements you crammed onto these, you may have something. But it's almost like every effect you could place on a sweater is here, and it comes across as just that. I'd also scale down the size of your crest and shoulder patches.

There's some true potential in here, but it's a little too much for one design for me.

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Thanks, guys. I appreciate your response and welcomes.

I kinda agree that they are a little flashy for the NHL, I just didn't like the fact that the Preds tend to neglect their steel blue, silver, and orange in their logo. I do agree that the skull could use some work, and I keep meaning to make the crests smaller anyway.

Thanks again.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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