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Iron crossover returns!


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Suigi: And finished! I mixed up the classic logo with the one from the WHL Prince Albert Raiders (greyscaled, of course), and came out with this. Of course, it wouldn't be Suigi without SOME reference to Rafale jerseys. In this case, a double Rafale band creates some innovation.

All in all, I think a solid concept.

Raiders Hockey! (no need to copy and paste)

Fukui: And the crowd of Nintendo sprites from Wario Comix, Suigi's website, are going nuts for their lord and master! And another solid concept from this no-longer-a-rookie.

Hattori: Nothing like setting the bar for once.

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It can't be. Or can it?

It is!

STL FANATIC has returned to the arena for his 3rd Iron Crossover Competition.

He was the Co-Winner of Iron Crossover III, St. Louis Blues to basketball. He felt he had the most true to real uniform and still good looking in Iron Crossover VIII, Calgary Flames to baseball, but lost badly. He has not been since in the arena since.

Now, his made his comeback for ICX. Will it be a victorious return? STL FANATIC seems to think so.

His entry has been spotted! It appears to be a simple uniform design, with similar features to most, but a few unique. However, his big surprise is his logo edit. It seems to really interact with the sport the same with the original Oakland Raiders logo did with football. It features that same style mask mentioned in the opening that helped make hockey the ICX choice.

Check out the masterpiece for yourself.


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fukui: man alive while the raiders are playing (and losing.....heh heh) on monday night football, we have seen a flood of entries fill Crossover Stadium

doc hattori: yeah absolutely Id like some more info on Suigi's concept however

ohta: fukui-san!

fukui: go!

ohta: yes it appears that Suigi has drank some Morimoto juice with his Quebec Rafale style concept and his use of multiple??? shades of silver?

fukui: man alive that is wild!

doc hattori: I must say I am very impressed with the logo edit STL fanatic did

fukui: yes tying in with the Halloween theme nicely there....

ch ch ch ha ha ha

doc hattori: man will someone close that window!

fukui: yes its getting irritating...although I havent felt a...breeze yet?

doc hattori: by the way where has lisa been?

fukui: shes in oakland working the football game doc, remember!

doc hattori: oh yes I forgot that. Lets send it to Mean Gene

mean gene okerlund: folks down here on the floor the Halloween mood has been sweeping the combatants as more newcomers enter the fray. Im telling you this is beginning to look like the Black Hole down here!!...Hey you watch it with those shoulder spikes! Good lord, dont go away folks! Stay tuned!

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My rookie attempt at desiging uniforms having only done mock-ups of TV sports graphics.

Don't enter me in the poll though, I think I might come last! :laugh:

Was thinking "old skool" for this one, sorta cross between the Bruins and Red Wings. I was also tempted to do a silver third with some kind of gradient fill, but I know better than that. :;):

Raiders Hockey

Shouldn't have to c/p.

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More info?


The other shade of silver came in when I greyscaled the new Raiders head. The bottom of the jersey is two Rafale stripes overlapping on each other. And the side stripes are my (cruddily-done) own. The jersey belongs to Jeff Jaeger, one of the greatest Raiders to ever play.

And my personal pics so far would be RC's and STL's for the logo edits, and Hardman1's for the third jersey. That is nicely done. Speaking of which...

Ohta: Fukui-san!

Fukui: Yes, go ahead.

Ohta: After receiving praise for his work thus far, Suigi has informed me he's completing the trio and going for a third jersey!

Hattori: He's going to have to, to compete with the growing field of great concepts.

Hey SHB, can I change the colours for the 3rd jersey? PLEEEEEEEEZ?!

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...speaking of logo edits (not to sound like an ass or anything, just defending my work), but mine does have a subtle edit.....hockey sticks instead of swords in the logo.

just wanted to point that out. (again, i don't want to sound like a dick)

my personal faves are STL's, Suigi's, and Primal's.

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Assistant: MAster master wake up wake up the crossover arena has already been home to much excellent work!

Saintsfan: Hmm yes I see, I agree with doc hattori, the highlight so far is STL's logo edit. A fantastic idea, mask instead of man! One or two others have tried logo edits as well I noticed, joel-fiasco changing the swords into sticks, and also someone cleverly trying to make the old style helmet look like a hockey helmet! Really the standard was very high already. And then nitroseed got in on the act! If I wasn't so busy elsewhere, I would show these amateurs how it is done. Unfortunately someone has to be in charge of the world!

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Long standing board members may remember Nitro's alternate logo as a cocept he did, I think it was for the Orlando something or others!

Indeed! The Orlando Mutiny. However, for the sake of this contest, I've edited the colors and applied it as a second logo for the Raiders hockey crossover.

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About time I succumbed to peer pressure.

The third jersey is up! Same link as before.

Raiders Hockey (with Alternate!)

Nothing like following up a logo edit with a never-before-seen one as the second! It's now on the shoulders of the first two, and emblazoned on the chest of the 3rd. No drastic changes there (yeah, I'm feeling a bit lazy).

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Ah, honorable fukui-san...

I have brought forth to uniform stadium my humble entry


I have studied at the Sapporo School of Football and mastered in Nylon...

Bring me to Iron Crossover for challenge!

Mr Sparkle ha ha ha!!!

Speaking of Al Davis.  At the Browns game 2 weeks ago, the browns had brought a sign that read "Just Sue, Baby".  Which you guessed it Al Davis complained to the league about the sign.

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Doc Hattori: What's this? It seems as though the secret ingredient in Moser-San's entry is....KOOL-AID?

Hukui: Wait a minute, let's see where he's taking this. Because the Oakland Raiders football jersey design does not translate very well into a hockey jersey, it seems as though Moser-San is using a more traditional aesthetic that is relevant to Oakland sports history.

Doc Hattori: You're right, I see a very contemporary interpretation of an old design, namely that of the ill-fated Oakland Seals, who played in the NHL during the late 1960's and early 1970's.

Hukui: I also see a bit of influence from the San Jose Sharks' inaugural jersey design and the Toronto Maple Leafs' white jersey design in these. Great choices by Moser-San.

Doc Hattori: I don't know if our host is going to like these, but Moser-San has always been known to favor clean and simple designs that create a strong image for the teams representing these uniforms. This design isn't necessarily old-school, but it has a more traditional aesthetic similar to the new Minnesota Wild alternates.

Moser-San's Entry

EDIT:  The dark graphite used for the home jerseys is meant to represent black, I just didn't want the stitching pattern to get completely lost in the image

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