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Iron crossover returns!


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fukui: the chairman is about to make an announcement. lets send it to SharkHatesBrown....


It looks like we have a vast and varied field of combatants for this battle. Due to the mere volume of entries recieved, I shall make this announcement.

The deadline to submit your finished concept has been pushed ahead to Friday, October 24 at 9pm pacific time (midnight eastern). If you want to fine tune your allready submitted concept, need to add missing components to your concept, or have yet to submit a concept, get them in by 9pm pacific this Friday!

After the deadline the voting procedure will be explained and voting will then commence

good luck to everyone!

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As Frylock sits in the Iron Crossover Stadium green room, he watches the competition on the closed-circuit big screen TV in the corner.  Working on his 80th saki since he unveiled his concepts, he's clearly drunker than a skunk.

"Waitasec..." Frylock thinks to himself.  "That sNOwcAp collection seems vaguely familiar.  Why, yes!  They do seem inspired by a design of the past.  I wonder, what if..."  At that point, Frylock passes out in the La-Z-Boy, spilling saki down the front of this apron.

(Obviously, this isn't an official submission, but I couldn't resist sharing.  I thought of this design and color scheme while at work at the studio last night, but I didn't have a chance to post it until tonight.  All I've got to say is:  Forum Blue.

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"It seems thata Misser Uhemlegon has been hidden behinda thisa here curtain thisa whole tim. But, he has now unavailed, his mastapiece for a ho cwowd to see."


Raiders Xover



"I spoke to Misser Uhemlegon, he says the secaret ingredient in his deesh is a Raider wiss a toof missing and stitches on hees cheek. Also, he has a hockey hemet on hees haid."


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Ohta: Fukui-san!

Fukui: Yes Ohta go!

Ohta: It appears that 9er-san has updated his design with a helmet, socks, pants, and a correct spelling of "Biletnikoff"!

Fukui: Yes, just in time to meet the deadline.

Ohta: I often admire the players 9er-san uses for the identity on his crossovers! A fan of vintage football and NFL Films he is!

Fuki: Yes, that appears true! Let's tune in to the final hours of the contests for any more updates and submissions!

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fukui: okay we are approaching the five hour mark to the deadline and man alive do we have a field for this one!

doc hattori: yes, I believe we now have 20 qualifying entries and one still pending due to missing components

fukui: well this is about as strong a field Ive seen and not just because of the sheer volume of submission either. Now that snowcap has thrown his hat into the ring and man alive his presentation skills have come along way

ohta: fukui-san!

fukui: go!

ohta: yes I will do my best to get that info from snowcap as to what graphics program he has decided to use

doc hattori: Im guessing either PSP or Illustrator, with the latter seeming to be the more popular choice amongst the designers of this forum

fukui: and would you literally "check" out the logo edit done by newcomer umlegend! our raider has that goon it up enforcer look now!

doc hattori: yes, very creative. All these submitted designs score high in the creativity department giving the rather monochrome color scheme of the raiders

ch ch ch ha ha ha

doc hattori: not again....you, go see whats keeping them!

unnamed stagehand 3: Do I have to?

doc hattori: yes you do! what do you think the chairman pays you for!

unnamed stagehand 3: *sigh*.....hai...

fukui: lets send it to mean gene

mean gene okerlund: fukui-san Im down here in the stands and while it may look like just another halloween party....good lord take a look at the madness down here




mean gene okerlund: gentlemen, who do you see coming out on top in this battle?




mean gene okerlund: good lord fukui-san its a madhouse down here!

half drunk raiders fan: hey mean gene could I buy ya a beer?

mean gene: well I really dont think I should......

entire seating section: MEAN GENE! MEAN GENE! MEAN GENE! MEAN GENE!

mean gene okerlund: oh, ok I guess! beer me!

half drunk raiders fan: be right back gene! RRRRAAAIIIDDDEEERRSSS!!!!

mean gene: back to you fukui-san!


mean gene: hey did somebody drip some ketchup here?....

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PA voice: 30 minutes to go

fukui: we are now a half hour away from the final gong. after that there is no time left to submit entries or edit entries! and all incomplete entries must be in by then otherwise they do not go to voting!

doc hattori: one thing I would like to touch on fukui-san, is that a lot of the designers used an ingredient that we as japanese are particuarly fond of

fukui: and that being doc?

doc hattori: well, RICE of course!  :D

fukui: heh heh good call there doc. in fact I heard the chairman owns an authentic jersey with that name on it

doc hattori: really? which one, black or white?

fukui: I believe its....red  :;):

ohta: fukui-san!

fukui: go!

ohta: yes at the last minute umlegend has added an alternate jersey to his concept!

ch ch ch ha ha ha

doc hattori: you know what....bah I give up

fukui: mean gene is standing by in the stands

mean gene okerlund: fukui-san the mood here in the stands has really been taken to a new level with the deadline approaching! sir who do you like in this battle?

silver painted pumpkin-headed raiders fan: JPSLAPSHOT BABY!

mean gene: and you?

bong smoking face-painted raider fan with fake swords through the head: Im going with SUIGI!!! wanna hit?? psyche!

mean gene: and you sir?

tall jump suit wearing guy in a tattered hockey mask: .......

mean gene: well there you have it folks! Everyone is ready for this one to go down! By the way sir I couldnt help but notice that knife youre carrying.....looks like youve been carving a lot of fresh meat for the tailgate?...HEY WHERES MY BEER ALLREADY!!

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I have updated standings. here are the points standings as of 10-26-03 @ 7:51 pm pacific time. top ten qualify for the final poll. (points total in parenthesis)

1 - roger clemente (113)

2 - frylock (108)

3 - shiznit1083 (89)

4 - stl fanatic (88)

5 - joel fiasco (80)

6 - sabres7200 (69)

7 - suigi (56)

8 - primal (50)

9 - snowcap (48)

10 - puckguy (46)


11 - moser316 (41)

12 - cuse2000 (37)

13 - nate15 (32)

14 - 49erfan15 (31)

15 - hardman1 (24)

16 - jkrdevil (22)

17T - jpslapshot22 (20)

17T - brentyn13 (20)

19 - umlegend (11)

20 - thinga87 (5)

21 - steve-o (0)

remember, it doesnt matter where you place in the top ten. all that matters is that you make the top ten. the top ten finalists will be named on tuesday, october 28th at approx. 9pm pacific time!

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Assisatant: Master it looks like you picked a bad week to get busy!

Saintsfan: Yes it does rather, lots of great entries and an exciting thread as well, but hey world domination is a busy job!

assistant: I guess you are right!

Saintsfan: Still on the flip side, all these contestants have been distracted while I have been slipping a dangerous cocktail of potions in there drinks!

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Content with his placing thus far, and a little confident that he'll make it into the top 10, Suigi leaves the Crossover Stadium to buy Lick's homeburgers, a Canadian delicacy, for the entire group of competitors.

Suigi: No, Mr. Border Officer, I DID pay with my own money for all the burgers. Gee-zus...

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STL FANATIC feels a loss similar to the Flames Xover competition becoming possible, even though it's just the 1st rd and he is in 4th.

He pleads his case. "A good x-over should take the patterns from the teams actual uniforms and put them on the new sports uniforms, as long as it can be done in a tasteful manor. Logos also need to be relative to the sport. I'm telling you, vote me! Vote me!"

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