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Iron crossover returns!


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STL FANATIC feels a loss similar to the Flames Xover competition becoming possible, even though it's just the 1st rd and he is in 4th.

He pleads his case. "A good x-over should take the patterns from the teams actual uniforms and put them on the new sports uniforms, as long as it can be done in a tasteful manor. Logos also need to be relative to the sport. I'm telling you, vote me! Vote me!"

I agree with this very much, and the concepts Ive done more then illustrate that. However simple straightforward approaches dont always get talked about. The imaginative, more risque concepts do generate more of a buzz however. not necessarily a bad thing, but I understand how you feel.

but then again, thats why we have these challenges, right?  :D

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fukui: we are less then 48 hours away from the end of the preliminary voting. To me it looks clear that five concepts are gonna make the cut, but the last five spots still look very wide open

doc hattori: most definitly. one first place vote over the next two days could make or break someone's chances to go to the final poll.

ohta: fukui-san!

fukui: go!

ohta: yes I believe there is some sort of ruckus going on in the spectator area. apparently superfan saintsfan has been treating some of our misplaced citizens of the raider nation to a round of drinks!

fukui: lets see if we can get a word from mean gene

mean gene okerlund: fukui-san its a madhouse here without a doubt and quite frankly, Im getting a little spooked!

raider fan dressed like the grim reaper: GO RAIDERS!!!! KNOCK EM DEAD!

eyepatched raider fan with fake swords through his head: NOTHING SCARIER THEN THE RAIDER NATION!! *burp*

mean gene: Im telling you, Ive never seen a halloween party quite like this one...

silver face-painted raider fan: hey buddy, wanna drink?

tall jump suit wearing hockey masked guy: .......

silver face-painted raider fan: you okay pal?



mean gene: back to you fukui-san!

fukui: man alive things are getting a little creepy...say doc what happened to those stagehands?

doc hattori: I dont know.....

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with approximately 24 hours to go in this preliminary vote, here are the updated standings. remember the TOP TEN concepts qualify for the final poll

1 - roger clemente (121)

2 - frylock (108)

3T- stl fanatic (97)

3T - shiznit1083 (97)

5 - joel fiasco (91)

6 - sabres7200 (78)

7 - primal (59)

8 - suigi (56)

9 - snowcap (53)

10 - puckguy (46)


11 - moser316 (41)

12 - cuse2000 (39)

13 - 49erfan15 (38)

14 - nate15 (36)

15 - hardman (34)

16 - jkrdevil (32)

17 - jpslapshot (26)

18 - umlegend (22)

19 - brentyN13 (20)

20 - thinga87 (5)

21 - steve-o (1)

and once again, making the top ten is all that matters. Not where you place in the top ten.

oh, and bump!


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we have our finalists!

roger clemente, frylock, stl fanatic, shiznit1083, joel fiasco, sabres7200, primal, suigi, snowcap, and puckguy14!

the poll is now up. click the link below to go to the poll should it be pushed back to the second page.

Iron Crossover Halloween Edition - final judgement poll

the voting will cease at midnight pacific time on halloween night! the one with the most votes will be declared the Iron Crossover Halloween Champion!!


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fukui: good evening ladies and gentlemen on this halloween night here in crossover stadium! we are four hours away from announcing our halloween champion! doc what do you make of the voting?

doc hattori: well I must say that for once there is no clear cut favorite in this field as many of the ten concepts are separated by two or three votes.

fukui: man alive, a victory could mean a sigh of relief from whoever it may be and a heartbreaking loss for those who come in second, third and fourth


fukui: man alive ohta what is it?

ohta: the three stagehands...THEYVE BEEN MURDERED!!!

doc hattori: so thats where theyve been!

ohta: I dont know whats going on here....hey you arent supposed to be on the main battle floor!

tall guy in jumpsuit wearing a hockey mask:........

ohta: what the......





fukui: well I always knew those would be his last words....

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fukui: ok the voting is now finished, lets send it to Count SHB!


Good Ev-ening! First off I would like to offer thanks to everyone who participated in this battle. Now however, is the moment of truth. We will decide a winner for this Halloween battle.

now,....the verdict......

fukui: over the past two week we have seen some rather creepy activity here in Crossover Stadium! A record 22 designers met the challenge of the Oakland Raiders hockey battle, and after two rounds of voting it all comes down to this....who takes it? WHOSE CONCEPT REIGNS SUPREME!!!!!!!




STL Fanatic and Shiznit1083!!!

fukui: man alive its only fitting! Our strangest most eventful battle yet and for Halloween no doubt we have ANOTHER TIE! STL Fanatic ties for the second time in Iron Crossover history, this time the stalemate is met alongside Shiznit1083, a first time winner of Iron Crossover!

hey buddy what are you doing up here in the broadcast booth?

tall guy in jumpsuit wearing a hockey mask:........

doc hattori: what the.....

fukui: AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

doc hattori: good god he just......no....STOP!!!....AHHHHHHH!!!!!!





Chairman, uh, COUNT SHB: see you all in a couple of weeks, for our Thanksgiving battle!


Count SHB turns into a bat amist a cloud of smoke and exits Crossover Stadium. In the dark, cloudy air of Crossover Stadium stands our hockey-masked man, known only as Jason Vordess, amongst many a victim lying in his wake

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Suigi walks over to congratulate the winners, and console Roger. Then with a tip of the hat, he walks back to his Lancer Evolution, bronze medal in tow.

Of course, it would mean more if it wasn't shared with 5 other people. :;):

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