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Lookie Lookie at What I Found....


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For once, wasting an hour journeying through the depths of my local TJ Maxx store paid off.

I usually go in there, say "All this stuff is crap" (it is), and leave; but today I stumbled upon this--feast/cover your eyes:


Cool, huh?

I remember way back when a red jersey was speculated to appear on the field, but never have I seen one in any stores or on anybody. So regardless of my opinion aesthetically, I had to buy it. Sure, it happens to be missing 3 buttons at the top, but when the tag says $60 US and all I pay is $16 US, I can go to the store and buy 2 red buttons. (In fact, I went to the fabric store, I got 6 buttons for $0.90... can't complain.

What do you guys think of it? Like? Dislike?


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In the Chicago area, most Dick's Sporting Goods stores have red jerseys with blue numbers and white piping. Or at least they used to. I couldn't find one on their website, but I've seen them in person.

They're not bad looking, but I agree it should not be the alt. color.

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I totally agree with you guys that this uni is not pleasing to the eye, regardless of team affiliation; I just thought it was kinda cool to see, and it was cheap (probably b/c of the previously stated reasons), so I bought it.

and it was only about 30-40 minutes there-- In case there were other goodies to find.

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i thought the red would look awful on Arizona basketball too but it grew on me, i think the cubs jersey would too

if they did wear it, it would have to be only very very special occasions, too much would make me not be a cubs fan anymore :flagcanada:

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