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Defunct College Teams pictures


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Hey no97, UIC is a good one.  I know a guy who played there from 92-96.

And a shame...

That was pre-Wolves, and I think if the team had played somewhere other than the Pavilion, and gotten more pub, it could have taken off. I still think college hockey could be a success in Chicago. Maybe DePaul (Allstate) or Northwestern (a campus rink)?


I'm sure high school hockey is bigger in the Chicago area (I'm guessing among private schools especially) than it is up here in Milwaukee. I know there was a time when Wisconsin's program raided the Chicago area for talent, that's where they got Chris Chelios from back in the day.

Another side note: I've seen those UWM football pictures before. I think they were from the 1950's, and depending on what part of the decade they were from, they were representing either the Wisconsin State Green Seagulls (first half of the decade) or the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Cardinals (second half).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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