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Nike Joga Bonito

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Hey, Soccer/Football fans, Nike has introduced a their new campaign for the upcoming world cup. There are already plenty of commercials up and running world wide. There is one commercial of interest, which is the 3 on 3 cup, a sequel to the very popular "Secret Tournament" from the 2002 world cup.

I have not been able to correctly identify all players,

On the White team,

Christiano Ronaldo, and it looks like Cesc Fabregas, and on the black team, theres Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand, could somebody watch this and tell me who the others are?

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looks like Robbie Keane, Jose Antonio Reyes and Cristiano Ronaldo on white, Rio and Rooney on black...is that Louis Saha on black too? I *know* it's not Thierry Henry...can't think or see who else it could be.

and of course Eric Cantona as the host of the Joga Bonito series. I'm a gunner and I have to admit I kinda like him. the Secret Tournament in '02 was superb too, I remember that pretty well. the extra final ad where they break the boat was classic :D

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Ronaldo, Rooney, Zlatan, Ronaldihno, Henry and others have at least shown up in the spots. Each one focusing on Joy, Heart, Skill and Honor.

This, at least according the the nike site for it.


Supposedly they hold Joga3 Futsal tournaments. Smaller ball, no goalie, smaller pitch and 3 on 3. Apparently it moves faster and helps develop skills. I don't know if this is real or just a Nike pitch but either way something like that would sound fun. Like street basketball it's a way to show off or get humiliated. The latter is more likely for someone like myself.

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You sure that its Jose Antonio Reyes and not Fabregas on the white team.

jose antonio reyes:


francesc fabregas:


from the quick glimpses in the ad, it looks more like Reyes than Cesc to me. *shrug*. still don't know who's playing with Rooney and Rio on the black side...I'm sure it isn't Louis Saha, but I don't know who else it would be.

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