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Halifax Bulwarks concept


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A while back there was a failed attempt to get a European hockey league of the ground--it never happened.

For that league I created a German team, and since then have played around with the unis--including colours and striping, etc.

SO I had them up on my computer when I saw the application thread here for the XHL--so I decided to apply--but also decide to post them here for C&C (and it's been a while since I posted a concept (I think the last was my TNFF revamp)

so here it is--my concept for the Halifax Bulwarks (Bulwark is a word meaning fortress, stronghold, etc.)

Main logo-


Home jersey-


Road jersey-


Alternate jersey (This is a new one)-



(The templates for the jerseys are from Roger Clemente's as seen in the neck area.

The shorts & socks are from a template by STLFanatic.)

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I like it.

It's simple enough to be effective.

I don't like the Alt design, but then, that's because it says 're-coloured Sharks jersey' to me. I think it's the unique design.

One thing I think you could have somehow included in the design was the turrets on the top of the tower (if that's what they're called).

I'd like to see them in the design of the jersey somehow.

Maybe on the sleeves somewhere.

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I tried fancier stuff, but it didn't suit the team.

Of course your suggestion on the alts is something I should have done from the start.

The "H" has the turrets--but I'll work on a new alt using the idea.

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Very Good. I agree with rmered about the alt though. Perhaps incorporating the turret top design into the striping would make a unique but simple look. Also a distinct secondary logo would help with the overall concept too.

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Here are the shorts, socks and helmets for the team.

I'll add these elements to the Jerseys in one picture when I'm done revamping the alt. I'm not satisfied with it yet.


The blue socks are home & white away

(These use STLFanatic's old template)

I've added the shorts & socks above.

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I've redone the alternates and added the shorts & socks to the jerseys as well.

I tried doing the castle wall thing many ways--but this simple way worked best.

I tried windows--having the tops flare out like on the "H", and higher, lower, wider, thinner, more space between, etc.

This works best for me.

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I tried fancier stuff, but didn't like it--so I tried various depths of the stripe across the shoulder and found this depth worked the best.

The sleeves still needed something--so I did the ends like that--although the gloves would obscure part of it.

The font is Palatino Linotype.

It's dark blue--the RGB is 0-0-64.

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Thanks guys.

The over the top stuff I tried certainly didn't work.

As for uniguys comment-

I would actually buy that jersey.

That's a comment I use myself for others' concepts as the highest level of praise.

So to have someone say it back to me is great.

Thanks again.

And thanks to everybody who has critiqued any of my previous work (I know I'm far from prolific.) Most of it has made a difference.

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