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Question...Your take on this.


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Hey all you Trail Blazer fans! I am a graduate student at the University of South Carolina doing a research project on uniform (logo and/or colors etc.) changes in professional sports. Because the Trail Blazers have made changes in recent years, I have decided to research those changes for the NBA portion of my research paper. I was hoping that some of you could provide me some feedback. I have created a survey and it is posted at http://CTLSilhouette.wsu.edu/surveys/ZS48600

Your survey responses are completely anonymous and the results will not be published for any public use. They are strictly for a graduate school project.

The survey is very short and will only take a few minutes to complete.

Thank you so much for your help!

This strikes me as an odd Grad student project that would simply be picked.

Any thoughts?

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Seeing as I graduated last December with a Master's in Sports Administration I don't think that is an odd paper to just be picked.

You are required to write a research paper-thesis-project.

You choose to write it on something you like.

My thesis was titled "Experiencing The Joy of Muddville at Toledo's Family Fun Park- The Toledo Mud Hens" A Sports Marketing Case Study

You choose your thesis and if you don't want to gouge your eyes out early on in the process you will choose something that interests you and would provide some interesting data to those who read your results.

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huh - now I wonder why this kid in South Carolina is studying the Blazers. lil' ol' hometown NBA team with a modest history and one championship banner in the rafters and - really - not much of an update to the logo set is their designated NBA team for the survey and paper. Wonder if they got the short straw and had to pick the Blazers late in the draft? ^_^;)

as for keeping your interest in a thesis - I just turned in two weeks ago to this day a 108-page research paper for my journalism pre-major requirements, and I would've gouged my eyes out with a soup spoon if it wasn't something I was interested in. when you put that much effort it *has* to stoke your fires at least a little bit.

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This same person (it's actually a woman) posted the same survey on one of the AZ Cardinals' boards.

I've offered to help with the research, since I know a little bit about team colors...


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