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"Alternate" NFL 75th Anniversary patch


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no one replied to this? i wasn't going to either, but i saw it was about to fall off the first page.

just thought i'd show this thread a little love, because i enjoy seeing crap like this on the forums... if no one replies to it, people will stop posting stuff like this... meaning that we'll be stuck with nothing but threads about alternate jerseys, and what colors they are allowed to be. :)

i'd also like to know what's up with the patch.

is it an alternate patch? is it a rejected design? is it simply counterfeit? anyone have any clue?

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It looks like a cheesy "1970s-ish" design, if you ask me...I dunno, it's an interesting patch, for the sole fact that it even saw the embroidery machine (?) and was actually produced. Very interesting, IMO...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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