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International Hockey Overhaul


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Ladies and gentelmen the first four of many...





SWEDEN {not trying to change their current ones too juch}




Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, and Slovakia coming soon!

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Gonna pass on all of these, I'm afraid...

USA - There is a decent basis here, but it's too far from its inspiration to look like anything but a cheap forgery. The most famous USA Hockey sweaters are from 1980, which were simple like your concept, but had thicker, serifed letters. Also, as a technique issue, are you trying to add white outline around your letters and numbers, or did you not finish coloring around the text? I would strongly suggest white outlining - red and royal blue placed next to each other without borders makes the concept look all 3-D and plays tricks on the eyes. Red numbers on a royal background are almost impossible to read even with a substantial white outline (ask the '93 Patriots).

RUSSIA - again, some potential here. The crest and wordmark need thicker outlines - red on red is illegible, and the fact that the holes in the "P" and "O" in the wordmark are colored in white makes the thin outline look even more out of place. Germanic calligraphy for the names on a Russian jersey are both out of place and illegible. All-lowercase calligraphy is a bad idea almost always. All-lowercase names are a bad idea, always. I do like the stripes on the blue sweater; it mirrors their flag better than the other stripe patterns, and looks sharp. You should do more with this elsewhere in the concept.

SWEDEN - Sweden doesn't need white sweaters. Ever. Beyond that, this looks OK (clean up the white spaces on the lettering of the blue sweater!).

ITALY - The flag should run the other way on the bottom hem of the sweater. Mismatched cuffs look awkward. And I can't picture Italy in a green sweater; anything beyond blue and white looks more Mexican than Italian, given the respective national flags involved and Mexico's propensity for wearing green.

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one of the reasons I look forward to international hockey, is that almost every year at least one team comes out with a new, modern-striped, professional looking jersey. I would not look forward to international jerseys if they wore these. These are almost as bad as the swifts. In fact, not too much is different from these compared to the swifts. They all seem to follow a basic striping template that runs along the hem and cuffs, but with no stripes anywhere else. The only jersey that breaks the mold is the usa alt, and even that is pretty boring. I also don't believe in alts in international hockey. The teams don't play enough games for them to be nessacary(sp?). I'd say you need to go outside the box a bit if you plan on doing any more.

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On all of the jerseys, the sleeve stripes are way to close to the cuff. If you moved them higher, all of these would be more successful.

USA - The first two are alright, nothing special. The current crest logo would probably look better(like in your alt). I think navy might work better than roay blue, only because both Czech teams, as well as Russia, have the same color scheme essentially. The alt looks like a rec league jersey to me.

Russia - The name/number font must change. Not to mention the name on the back should be uppercase. There just seems like there needs to be more to this jersey. Side stripes, a shoulder color, something. The blue one is better than the other two with the thicker striping, but still needs something to really bring it out

Sweden - Well, I'm entirely opposed to a white jersey for Sweden. They should just stick to yellow and blue. Your concept's not bad here, just move the stripes up, maybe move them farther apart, and this is pretty good. Well, it's basically what Sweden has, but why mess with it?

Italy - There's probably a better crest logo for Italy, rather than just having "Italia" across the chest. Maybe combine the shield with "Italia" or something. There's a bit of promise here, but the green alt's not doing anything for me. Italy traditionally has blue jerseys.

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