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I figured I'd just start this up for you fantasy baseball addicts so you all can compare and brag about your teams.

Anyways, here's what mine looks like (minus the bench players):

# of Teams: 10-Team League

Team Name: Northside Nine

Starting Lineup:

C - M. Barrett (CHC)

1B - A. Pujols (STL)

2B - A. Soriano (WAS)

SS - B. Crosby (OAK)

3B - T. Glaus (TOR)

OF - A. Dunn (CIN)

OF - J. Edmonds (STL)

OF - K. Mench (TEX)

Util - G. Jenkins (MIL)

Starting Rotation:

P - D. Willis (FLA)

P - A. Pettite (HOU)

P - J. Beckett (BOS)

P - M. Morris (SF)

P - O. Hernandez (ARI)


RP - H. Street (OAK)

I also have the rights to Roger Clemens if he ever decides to return.

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PHOENIX PHARAOHS of the 12-team 5x5 H2H format Continental League --

C Ramon Hernandez (BAL)

1B Ryan Howard (PHI)

2B Rickie Weeks (MIL)

3B Chone Figgins (LAA)

OF Vlad Guerrero (LAA)

OF Carl Crawford (TB)

OF Hideki Matsui (NYY)

UTIL Chad Tracy (ARI)

Bench Bill Hall (MIL)

SP Johan Santana (MIN)

SP Rich Harden (OAK)

SP Felix Hernandez (SEA)

SP Brandon Webb (ARI)

SP Roger Clemens (FA)

RP Huston Street (OAK)

RP Jose Valverde (ARI)

RP Jon Papelbon (BOS)

Did I mention it's a keeper -- w/ 7 keeps? B)

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The Victoria Islanders of the American Association of Baseball

C Kenji Johjima (Seattle Mariners)

C Javy Lopez (Baltimore Orioles)

1B Paul Konerko (Chicago White Sox)

1B Justin Morneau (Minnesota Twins)

2B Aaron Hill (Toronto Blue Jays)

2B Rickie Weeks (Milwaukee Brewers)

3B Adrian Beltre (Seattle Mariners)

3B Miguel Cabrera (Florida Marlins)

SS Miguel Tejada (Baltimore Orioles)

SS Clint Barmes (Colorado Rockies)

OF Vernon Wells (Toronto Blue Jays)

OF Hideki Matsui (New York Yankees)

OF Jason Bay (Pittsburgh Pirates)

SP Esteban Loaiza (Oakland Athletics)

SP Matt Clement (Boston Red Sox)

SP Cliff Lee (Cleveland Indians)

SP Dontrelle Willis (Florida Marlins)

SP Francisco Liriano (Minnesota Twins)

SP Daniel Cabrera (Baltimore Orioles)

SP Ervin Santana (Los Angeles Angels)

SP Mark Buehrle (Chicago White Sox)

RP Chad Cordero (Washington Nationals)

RP Eric Gagne (Los Angeles Dodgers)

RP Ryan Dempster (Chicago Cubs)

DL Armando Benitez (San Francisco Giants)

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# of Teams: 12

Team Name: Blamp

Starting Lineup:

C - V. Martinez (CLE)

1B - R. Howard (PHI)

2B - R. Cano (NYY)

SS - R. Furcal (LAD)

3B - M. Mora (BAL)

OF - V. Wells (TOR)

OF - J. Edmonds (STL)

OF - J. Pierre (CHC)

Util - J. Lane (HOU)


SP - J. Santana (MIN)

SP - C. Carpenter (STL)

RP - D. Baez (LAD)

RP - R. Dempster (CHC)

P - J. Lackey (LAA)

P - L. Hernandez (WAS)

P - T. Glavine (NYM)

Bench - R. Clemens, but I might pick up A.J. Burnett


B - N. Swisher (OAK)

B - J. Guillen (WAS)

B - J. Francoeur (ATL)

B - L. Castillo (MIN)

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14 team keeper league

team name: skeet skeet street (i try and go for something slightly comical - last year's name was "big mac's left cheek")

C - Michael Barrett

1B - Todd Helton (keeper)

2B - Mark Ellis

3B - Eric Chavez (keeper)

SS - Clint Barmes

OF - Lance Berkman

OF - Coco Crisp

OF - Matt Holliday

DH - Cliff Floyd

B - Adam Kennedy

B - Austin Kearns

SP - Rich Harden (keeper)

SP - Jake Peavy (keeper)

SP - Livan Hernandez

RP - Huston Street (keeper)

RP - Mariano Rivera (keeper)

P - Justin Duchscherer

P - Kenny Rogers

B - Ryan Madson

DL - Carl Pavano

DL - Mark Prior

currently 2 empty spots because of prior and pavano, waiting to see who gets hot and is a surprise and maybe stays that way.

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League: 12 teams, non-keeper, same guys for 8 years (1 new team)

Name: Napalm Bullpen of Cherry Hill (named after Derek Lowe singlehandedly blew up my team when he was closing for the Red Sox; it's stayed ever since)

C - Bengie Molina, TOR

1B - Paul Konerko, CWS

2B - Tadahito Iguchi, CWS

3B - Troy Glaus, TOR

SS - Jhonny Peralta, CLE

OF - Ichiro Suzuki, SEA

OF - Randy Winn, SF

OF - Jason Lane, HOU

BN - Nick Swisher, OAK

BN - Abraham Núñez , PHI (only hometown guy)

SP - Johan Santana, MIN; Mark Buehrle, CWS (see my sig, bottom left corner... 1st games notwithstanding); Matt Morris, SF; Jamie Moyer, SEA; John Lackey, LAA; Chris Capuano, MIL

MR - Jesse Crain, MIN; Scott Linebrink, SD

CL - Huston Street, OAK; Bob Wickman, CLE

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My Worlds Series Champion (2004) and two time UL finalist Vancouver Huskies of the United League

c- Rod Berajas

1b- Carlos Delgado

2b- Brian Roberts

3b- Melvin Mora

ss- Miguel Tejada

of- Ichiro Suzuki

of- Vlad Guererro

of- Brian Giles

utl- Chone Figgins

sp- Pedro Martinez

sp- AJ Burnett

rp- Ryan Dempster

rp- Jason Isringhausen


Shawn Green

Eric Gange

Jon Lieber

Chris Capuano


Tim Wakefield

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I have 3 that I'm running this season...

League: American Association of Baseball (CCSLC approved league)

Team: Detroit Spirit

C -- Jorge Posada (NYY)

1B -- Jim Thome (CHW)

2B -- Jorge Cantu (TB)

SS -- Khalil Greene (SD)

3B -- Morgan Ensberg (HOU)

OF -- Gary Sheffield (NYY)

OF -- Milton Bradley (OAK)

OF -- Garret Anderson (LAA)

Util -- Jonny Gomes (TB)

Bench -- Prince Fielder (MIL)

Bench -- Wilson Betemit (ATL)

Bench -- Yadier Molina (STL)

Bench -- Jacque Jones (CHC)

Bench -- Dmitri Young (DET)

SP -- Curt Schilling (BOS)

SP -- Scott Kazmir (TB)

SP -- Mark Mulder (STL)

SP -- Jeremy Bonderman (DET)

SP -- Cory Lidle (PHI)

RP -- Bob Wickman (CLE)

RP -- Aaron Heilman (NYM)

P -- Tom Glavine (NYM)

P -- Joe Borowski (FLA)

P -- Oliver Perez (PIT)

DL -- Mark Prior (CHC)


League: SBN Baseball League (non-keeper league I've been in since 2000 with a bunch of friends I know from various parts of the continent...always done with a draft on Yahoo...)

Team Name: Raffy's B12 Injection (I usually go with something that's somewhat topical and attempts to be funny...last year, the name was Just Pee In The Damn Cup!)

C -- Ivan Rodriguez (DET)

1B -- Paul Konerko (CHW)

2B -- Jorge Cantu (TB)

SS -- Derek Jeter (NYY)

3B -- Melvin Mora (BAL)

IF -- Mike Sweeney (KC)

LF -- Kevin Mench (TEX)

CF -- Andruw Jones (ATL)

RF -- Geoff Jenkins (MIL)

Util -- Jeremy Hermida (FLA)

Bench -- Bengie Molina (TOR)

Bench -- Jose Vidro (WSH)

Bench -- Aaron Boone (CLE)

DL -- Nomar Garciaparra (LAD)

SP -- Johan Santana (MIN)

SP -- Roy Halladay (TOR)

SP -- Tim Hudson (ATL)

SP -- Dan Haren (OAK)

RP -- Francisco Rodriguez (LAA)

RP -- Francisco Cordero (TEX)

RP -- Jonathan Papelbon (BOS)

P -- Ted Lilly (TOR)

Bench -- Jose Valverde (ARZ)

Bench -- Gustavo Chacin (TOR)


League: The Glorified T-Ball League (Another one run by some friends...non-keeper...been in it for about 2-3 years..we usually just auto-draft and go from there)

Team Name: 2-Seamer In The Groin (another one where I try to inject humor, last year's name was "Corky's All-Stars" and the year before was "InsertCityHere Expos")

C -- Kenji Johjima (SEA)

1B -- Todd Helton (COL)

2B -- Alfonso Soriano (WSH)

SS -- Carlos Guillen (DET)

3B -- Scott Rolen (STL)

IF -- Felipe Lopez (CIN)

IF -- Rickie Weeks (MIL)

IF -- Garrett Atkins (COL)

LF -- Scott Posednick (CHW)

CF -- Johnny Damon (NYY)

RF -- Jason Lane (HOU)

OF -- Nick Swisher (OAK)

OF -- Brad Wilkerson (TEX)

OF -- Carl Crawford (TB)

Util -- Jose Vidro (WSH)

Bench -- Jhonny Peralta (CLE)

Bench -- Jermaine Dye (CHW)

SP -- Johan Santana (MIN)

SP -- Roy Halladay (TOR)

SP -- Randy Johnson (NYY)

SP -- Mark Buehrle (CHW)

RP -- Trevor Hoffman (SD)

RP -- Derrick Turnbow (MIL)

RP -- Joe Borowski (FLA)

RP -- Scott Linebrink (SD)

P -- Mark Mulder (STL)

P -- Matt Cain (SF)

Bench -- Ervin Santana (LAA)

Bench -- Joe Blanton (OAK)

Bench -- Bobby Howry (CHC)

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i have four teams this year:

Greenville Naturals of the Continental League (12 team 5x5 h2h keeper league, 3rd season)


C - Brian McCann

1B - Albert Pujols

2B - Placido Polanco

3B - Chipper Jones

SS - Jhonny Peralta

OF - Torii Hunter

OF - Magglio Ordonez

OF - Coco Crisp

Util - Adrian Beltre

SP - Roy Oswalt

SP - Mark Buehrle

SP - Roy Halladay

SP - Jeremy Bonderman

RP - Brad Lidge

RP - Fernando Rodney

RP (DL) - Todd Jones


OF - Jason Lane

OF - Curtis Granderson

OF - Willy Taveras

Spiders From Mars of the No Name League (10 team roto league, first season)


C - Javy Lopez

1B - Albert Pujols

2B - Jeff Kent

3B - Chipper Jones

SS - Rafael Furcal

MI - Placido Polanco

OF - Cliff Floyd

OF - Shawn Green

OF - Raul Inañez

OF - Johnny Damon

OF - Jacque Jones

Util - Morgan Ensberg

P - Chris Carpenter

P - Randy Johnson

P - John Smoltz

P - Noah Lowry

P - John Garland

P - Kevin Millwood

P - Derrick Turnbow

P - Javier Vázquez

P - John Lieber


Nick Swisher

Brady Clark

Mark Ellis

Carolina Grifters of the Detroit Cutthroat League (10 team 5x5 h2h re-draft league, 10th season)


C - Kenji Johjima

1B - Mark Teixera

2B - Mark Ellis

3B - David Wright

SS - Felix López

OF - Lance Berkman

OF - Adam Dunn

OF - Jason Bay

Util - Travis Hafner

SP - John Smoltz

SP - Matt Morris

SP - Noah Lowry

SP - Cliff Lee

SP - Matt Cain

SP (DL) - Mark Prior

RP - Huston Street

RP - Brian Fuentes

RP - Ryan Dempster


Milton Bradley

Brian McCann

Rickie Weeks

Detroit Ambassadors of the Professional Baseball Alliance (20 team, 2 conference h2h keeper league, 2nd season)


C - Jason Varitek

1B - Jim Thome

2B - Placido Polanco

3B - David Wright

SS - Michael Young

OF - Hideki Matsui

OF - Vladimir Guerrero

OF - Vernon Wells

Util - Curtis Granderson

Util - Adrian Beltre

Util - Torii Hunter

SP - Jake Peavy

SP - Roy Oswalt

SP - Noah Lowry

SP - Kevin Millwood

SP - Matt Clement

RP - Huston Street

RP - Derrick Turnbow

RP - Jose Valverde


2B - Adam Kennedy

SS - Clint Barmes

C - Ramon Hernandez

1B - Mike Jacobs

SP - Mike Maroth

SP (DL) - Mark Prior

SP - Joel Pineiro


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The Eppers

12-Team Yahoo League

C. Joe Mauer. MIN

1B. Carlos Degado. NYM

2B. Robinson Cano. NYY

3B. David Wright. NYM

SS. Clint Barmes. COL

OF. Andruw Jones. ATL

OF. JD Drew. LAD

OF. Coco Crisp. BOS

DH. Melvin Mora. BAL


1B. Lyle Overbay. TOR

OF. Aaron Rowand. PHI

C. Mike Piazza. SD

SS. Hanley Ramirez. FLA


1. Rich Harden. OAK

2. Mark Buehrle. CWS

3. Jason Schmidt. SF

4. Freddy Garcia. CWS

5. Gustavo Chacin. TOR


CL. BJ Ryan. TOR

CL. Chris Reistma. ATL

CL. Chris Ray. BAL

CL. Armando Benitez. SF (on Disabled List)

So far, its been a very solid team offensively. 8 HRs in 3 days. Pitching has been terrible, but should be my strong point as the season wears on. Two gambles at SS. A rookie and a half-rookie.

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New Jersey Esplorers (Continental League, 12 teams, H2H, 5x5)

J. Mauer (Min - C)

N. Johnson (Was - 1B)

M. Giles (Atl - 2B)

Á. Rodríguez (NYY - 3B)

M. Tejada (Bal - SS)

R. Winn (SF - OF)

J. Gomes (TB - OF)

N. Swisher (Oak - 1B,OF)

T. Hafner (Cle - Util)

G. Sizemore (Cle - OF)

J. Willingham (Fla - C)

R. Canó (NYY - 2B)

DL- R. Baldelli (TB - OF)

J. Schmidt (SF - SP)

A. Pettitte (Hou - SP)

B. Wagner (NYM - RP)

B. Jenks (CWS - RP)

L. Hernández (Was - SP)

M. Clement (Bos - SP)

DL- A. Burnett (Tor - SP) DL

I'm in another league with just 4 teams and the draft is sunday.

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New York Skliners UL

C P. Lo Duca (NYM C)

1B P. Fielder (Mil - 1B)

2B J. Cantú (TB - 2B,3B)

3B S. Rolen (StL - 3B)

SS J. Reyes (NYM - SS)

OF M. Ramírez (Bos - OF)

OF C. Crawford (TB - OF)

OF C. Floyd (NYM - OF)

Util D. Lee (ChC - 1B)

BN R. Canó (NYY - 2B)

BN P. Wilson (Hou - OF)

BN M. Barrett (ChC - C)

SP B. Zito (Oak - SP)

SP J. Contreras (CWS SP)

RP M. Rivera (NYY - RP)

RP D. Báez (LAD - RP)

BN R. Johnson (NYY - SP)

BN J. Garland (CWS - SP)

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12 team Yahoo league

C J. Varitek

(Bos - C) CUtilBN -/- - - - - -

1B R. Howard

(Phi - 1B) 1B StL L, 4-2 1/3 0 0 0 0 .333

2B R. Freel

(Cin - 2B,3B,OF) 2B Pit Top 7, 5-3 -/- - - - - -

3B B. Hall

(Mil - 2B,3B,SS) 2B3BSSUtilBN -/- - - - - -

SS K. Greene

(SD - SS) SSUtilBN -/- - - - - -

OF J. Bay

(Pit - OF) OF @Cin Top 7, 3-5 2/3 1 0 0 0 .667

OF G. Sizemore

(Cle - OF) OFUtilBN -/- - - - - -

OF K. Griffey Jr.

(Cin - OF) OF Pit Top 7, 5-3 1/3 0 0 1 0 .333

Util J. Francoeur

(Atl - OF) Util @SF L, 6-4 0/4 0 0 0 0 .000

BN K. Johjima

(Sea - C) CUtilBN Oak 10:05 pm -/- - - - - -

BN L. Castillo

(Min - 2B) BN @Tor Top 8, 3-6 1/2 0 0 0 0 .500


Pos Pitchers Edit Opp Status IP W SV K ERA WHIP

SP Jo. Santana

(Min - SP) SP @Tor Top 8, 3-6 - - - - - -

SP B. Zito

(Oak - SP) SPPBN @Sea 10:05 pm - - - - - -

RP H. Street

(Oak - RP) RPPBN @Sea 10:05 pm - - - - - -

RP E. Guardado

(Sea - RP) RPPBN Oak 10:05 pm - - - - - -

P A. Harang

(Cin - SP) P Pit Top 7, 5-3 - - - - - -

P C. Young

(SD - SP) SPPBN - - - - - -

P E. Santana

(LAA - SP) SPPBN - - - - - -

BN D. Báez

(LAD - RP) RPPBN - - - - - -

BN D. Lowe

(LAD - SP) SPPBN - - - - - -

BN P. Byrd

(Cle - SP) SPPBN - - - - - -

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Team: Pass the Pine Tar (Yahoo! Fantasy League)

B. McCann ©

P. Konerko (1B)

A. Soriano (2B, OF)

C. Figgins (2B, 3B, OF)

E. Renteria (SS)

C. Lee (OF)

H. Matsui (OF)

J. Dye (OF)

A. Rodriguez (3B)

M. Barrett ©

J. Giambi (1B)

L. Gonzalez (OF)

C. Shilling (SP, RP)

J. Towers (SP)

J. Isringhausen (RP)

B. Jenks (RP)

M. Mulder (SP)

J. Vazquez (SP)

J. Mesa (RP)

D. Lowe (SP)

R. Clemens (SP)

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New York Navigators of the same Professional Baseball Alliance conference as Joel's Detroit Ambassadors.

C Victor Martinez

C Brian McCann

1B Albert Pujols

1B Shea Hillenbrand

2B Jorge Cantu

2B Tadihito Iguchi

SS Jose Reyes

SS Rafael Furcal

3B Alex Rodriguez

3B Garrett Atkins

OF Bobby Abreu

OF Ichiro Suzuki

OF Cliff Floyd

OF Jeff Francouer

OF Geoff Jenkins

SP Carlos Zambrano

SP Ben Sheets (IR)

SP Randy Johnson

SP Brett Myers

SP Doug Davis

SP Jose Contreras

SP Chien-Ming Wang

SP Matt Cain (Rookie!)

SP Justin Verlander (Rookie!)

SP Brian Bannister (Rookie!)

RP Francisco Rodriguez

RP Todd Jones (IR)

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