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Entrance Music Controversy


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Well Im not ripping YES per se it is what it is but for YES Network employees to rip on SNY is pretty damn annoying.

They are also primarily WFAN employees which is the long time radio home of the Mets. I don't but you're argument that they and WFAN is anti-mets. I think they are for the most part fair. I've seen them rip the Yankees as well as the Mets.

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No they are unrelenting on the Mets the Mets cant ever do anything right according to them 2. WFAN has differnt announcers and Joe Beningo is pro Met Steve Sommers is Pro Met but Russo is anti New York teams and Mike is pro Yankee then in football both worship at the alter of Bill Parcells which is also sickening but another kettle of fish.

I used to listen to Miek and the Mad Dog all the time but I really cant take em much any more they have gotten way too smug.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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