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Change 1 thing about your team's uniform

Hat Boy

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U of Tennessee (football) - orange pants for at least 3 road and 1 home game

Sounds- a modernized version of their Southern Leauge/American Association set

Predators - change everything except the crest logo on the alternate uniforms

Titans - white pants withe the "Titan blue" jersey at least once

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stars - keep the home and road the same, but introduce an alternate jersey that is in the style of the 91 north stars, only with updated colors. new logo for the alternate.

titans - columbia blue at home, navy as an alternate. throw the navy pants away, and always wear white pants.

mavericks - take the current home/road, and make them green with blue.

rovers - as long as the primary shirt is 1/2 white, 1/2 blue, with red numbers, and white shorts, i'm happy... so no changes there. and next season, they're going with black and red as a change kit, so that's an upgrade too.

red sox - ditch the red alternate jersey, and replace it with a navy blue jersey, with RED SOX in red, outlined in white.

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Yankees - drop white from the road unis - just have the block navy ala pre-1972 and no sleeve stripes/piping


As for the Packers, I'd like them to drop the neck stripes. The only remaining element left over from Forrest Gregg's disastrous uniform experiments. You got rid of the rest of his "improvements", time to finish the job.

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I wish MLB would have uniform rules about their "uniforms" like the NFL does and make players show their socks. I would prefer them wear stirrups, even the faux ones look better than this current trend of sock wearers. Next thing you know, guys will have the bottoms of their pants pulled completely over their shoes and covering their toes.

I didn't know Paul Lukas posted here... :D

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Kings - Ditch the stupid Sacramento script that they stole from the Sacramento  WNBA team and just use the Kings script they use on the homes, similar to their previous set.

didnt both the Kings and Monarchs unveil that Sacramento script at the same time?

For some reason i think i remember the Monarchs having that script a year or two before the Kings, but i could be wrong. ill have to look that up.

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Red Sox: Make the alts blue

Celtics: make the St. Patrick's Day alts the regular alts

Bruins: Go back to pre 96 uniforms

Patriots: Red alts

you, sir, have good taste.

that's what i'd do for all boston teams as well.

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Browns - Bring back the <=B=> logo and put it on the jersey sleeves & on the pants hip (never on the helmut). Get rid of the Dawg logo. Add a pair of all brown pants with no strips.

Indians - Bring back the navy road jersey that said Cleveland. Add an alt. navy cap with a sliver bill.

Cavaliers - Add a 1970s wine throwback jersey.

Stars - Add a Vegas gold alt. jersey.

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Boston Bruins: Drop the current "bear" logo for either the pre '96 one or one similar to the Zepher "Z" line one

Boston Celtics: Saint Patricks day jersey as new alt.

New England Patriots: Red alt incorperating Pat Patriot

Boston Red Sox: No alt, EVER!

Hamilton Ti-Cats: Eliminate black pants in favour of gold (yellow)

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Redskins -- a return to the pre-Lombardi burgundy and gold (as seen in the 2004 retros). Gold pants for both home and road.

Nationals -- Nothing on the currents, not because they're anything special but moreso because the new owner's likely to make changes .... then, they'll be up for criticism.

Capitals -- Either go back to red/white/blue or come up with a white version of the current black Dome jerseys.

Wizards -- NBA. Therefore, insignificant.

Maryland -- women's hoops, ditch the black! (They won't now, since they won the title in 'em) Football, Friedgen went back to the script Terps because that's what was on the helmets (red at the time) when he was an assistant under Bobby Ross. A big red block M (more like the ones on the baseball caps and not in the basketball logo) would go better with the current Under Armour design.

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Reds - A black alt

Bengals - get rid of the silly mismatch on the side panels of the pants

Blue Jackets- change the number font

Sixers - more red!.

Bearcats - Old number font

and firing nancy might not hurt

a black alt for the Reds?


Black should be banished from the Reds period. I was in Jim Bowden's office one afternoon and he showed me some Reds promo stuff, including a C-Reds logo in red-black-white. Little did I know where it was heading.

You're right about the Bengals, tho. The side panel has to go. Other than that, I don't mind 'em. This coming from someone who moved to Cincinnati in 72, when they were wearing those old unis with BENGALS on the side of the helmet. I miss those.

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Twins: I'd like to see them go back to the 1965 World Series look.

Vikings: More of what not to do than what to do. But I'd like to see purple pants added, and then get rid of the UCLA stripes on the road uniforms. Instead, have the white jerseys resemble the style of the purple jerseys.

Timberwolves: Get rid of the black alt.

Wild: The style of the uniforms isn't a problem. It's the garishness of the colors. That green and red (or is it orange?) is a horrible color combination. Get something new.

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