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Change 1 thing about your team's uniform

Hat Boy

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Phillies - Bring back the blue hats with red p outlined in white, also a red or blue alt jersey.

Eagles - drop the third jersey, you cant see the dark green shadow the good om the numbers so on tv it looks like its just white numbers, keep the rest the same

Flyers - revert back to when the black when the 3rd jersey

Sixers - OVERHAUL, someting like the mid 90s uniforms would be great.

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White Sox - switch the grey outline on the home jerseys to a slightly darker shade. In bright sunlight it looks white.

Bears - get real NFL quality jerseys and not junior high caliber tops. The Bears' jerseys have looked cheap for a long time now. First of all, they need to go to the shiny mesh on the shoulders and sleeves. They also need to use a more substantial fabric on the body that isn't see through and has smaller holes. From the design aspect, they are fine.

Bulls - eliminate black jerseys, remove logo from black of collar.

Illini Football - go back to the beautiful jerseys that were worn from forever until they let Nike design their current garbage in 03.

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Oregon Ducks: don't allow Nike to make the uniforms 'busier' than they should be. though there may have been a lot of combinations of the uniform from the past two years (in green, white and yellow versions) they all had the same design and mixing and matching worked alright. don't allow uncle Phil to introduce something stupid like the black jerseys again.

and maybe have some '94 Rose Bowl throw-backs sometime soon too :)

Mariners: Teal brim to the hats. I love the all-dark look of the current, but hell, we won with the teal-brimmed lids, so why not bring 'em back. have a couple of late-70s upside-down trident throwback nights every year too - powder blue FTW :D

Arsenal: banish the blue as a possibility for our first alternate kit. It doesn't look so good, doesn't clash with everyone (necessitating going back to the previous year's yellow as a third) and just doesn't look all that great. We've won the league twice in three years when using the yellow away, it harkens back to the Five-Minute Final *and* Sylvain Wiltord winning the league in Manchester...it just looks better too.

Blazers: Drop some of the grey from the uniform numbers.

Formula 1 racing: SLICKS! Wider tracked cars! let them look classy again like they did up to 1997.

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Kentucky Wildcats: Use the Throwback jerseys from this past season fulltime.

Pittsburgh Steelers: I got nothing here. i don't even mind the #s anymore.

Dallas Stars: A completely new alt.

Boston Redsox: Use a throwback as alt. uniforms.

they wore a version of this back when nomar was on the team that was excellent but i can't find pictures.


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Boston Red Sox: Ditch the alt completely or make it a throwback.

Denver Broncos: Make the orange jersey the primary and ditch the blue.

Denver Nuggets: Switch from 'cobalt blue' to a dark blue (basically, use the color scheme used on the Alts)

UConn Huskies Basketball: Go to throwbacks full-time.

Notre Dame Football: Nothing.

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Yankees: As previously put ditch the white from the letering on the road uniforms and lose the sleve piping.

Islanders: Lose the white from the numbers on the home jersey's and return to royal blue (although I do like the navy).

Sacramento Kings: Go back to the previous set and have either have the road set be purple with a black alternate set or have the road set be black with a purple alternate set.

Jets: I like them the way they are.

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Yankees: Use this interlocking NY on the home uniforms; the other one looks collapsed.



Out of the three "NY" logos, that's the one I don't like. Give me the one on the cap anyday.

What do you mean "collapsed"?

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Indians: Find a way to make their hats and dark alts the same shade of blue.

Browns: Take it all the way. Add black shoes to the new throwbacks.

NY Rangers: Pefect as is.

Ohio State: Put out a press release saying these new jerseys were an April Fools joke.

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Yankees: I was going to say nothing, but tp49 raised a good point about the away sleeve piping and white outlines... I wouldn't mind seeing them go.

NY Giants: Stop stop stop wearing those ridiculous red alt jerseys. Look like a bunch of quarterbacks or something.

NY Rangers: I like them as-is.

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Mets -- lose the black drop shadows on the wordmarks, ditch the black alts (jerseys & hats), and lose the new batting helmets.

Tigers -- no changes necessary here

Jets -- lose the green pants

Lions -- ditch the black alts (they're not bad looking, but they're just not a good fit for the Lions)

Pistons -- bring back the horse-head & basketball secondary logo (not a fan of the new "DP" one)

Rangers -- no need to change a thing here

UConn football -- put the husky head on the helmet in place of the "C"

MSU football -- no changes needed...Coach Smith got it right when he revamped everything after those atrocious Nike-inspired ones.

UConn basketball -- change the red to silver to match every other team on campus & restore "CONNECTICUT" to the front of the home jerseys (much like they had in the Ray Allen Era)

MSU basketball -- no changes

Maryland basketball -- lose the black alts...stick with the white & red...if the Terps feel the need for an alt, go with a throwback (maybe to the Len Elmore Era of the early 70s).

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Astros - either change the BP jersey to black or make the brick alts black (the BP jersey should be noticeably different than the game jerseys).

Rockets - bring back the mustard-&-ketchups as a full time alt.

Texans - keep 'em the same.


Yankees - not a particular fan, but I like the "Yankees" full-word logo that appears on the jackets sometimes. They should use that on a navy BP jersey.

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Packers: Back to five stripes on sleeves instead of three

Nebraska: Nothing, they're perfect.

Cardinals: Nothing, they're perfect.

Flyers: What everyone else has said - orange jerseys as primaries, blacks dumped back to third status.

(As an aside I'd like the league to go back to home=white, away=dark as a rule....I still haven't gotten used to it being the other way).

Essendon: Not to be messed with.

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Blue Jays: Create a GRAPHITE road alternate. And add sleeve stripes.

Dolphins: Bring back the ORANGE alternate. They're undefeated in them and it's one helluva jersey.

Raptors: Start over. New name, new colours, new logos, new unis.

Leafs: Get a better shoulder logo than that TML crap. And get theit primary logo out of the 80's. It seriously needs an update.

Sharks: Maybe incorporate a little Teal into the primary logo.

Argos: Change the pants stripes to match with the rest of the jersey. They look like fools when they go AOC. And make a light blue alternate.

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I wish the Wild would stop treating their alternate jerseys as some kind of sacred timecapsule from days gone by and add commemorative patches to them.

They passed on both the All-star game and 5th Anniversary patches already.


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Okay, this is my first time posting, so I have no spiffy avitars and banners or anything (in fact, I have no idea how to affix them to a posting). Anyways......

Saints: Bring back the black pants with the white jerseys; and let's see all those stripes ala Archie's jersey.

Indians: Despite all the cry against Chief Wahoo, how about making the vest "retro" with the 40's era Wahoo. Otherwise, just a nice, clean uni...

Zephyrs (AAA): Drop it all together and bring back the New Orleans Pelicans. Otherwise, they now have a spiffy "Z" logo with a fleur de lis - use that as an alternate or third jersey.

Avalanche: Third jersey should be the big sasquach (sp) foot.

Brewers: Am I the only one that likes the current Brewers unis and script? Maybe you could add the glove to the current uni....

Hornets: Drop the gold; back to "New Orleans" on all jerseys (sure, they wont be here ever again, so give us that for one more season"; and if they do come back, make Utah give us "Jazz" back and give them "Hornets", which ties in much more to that whole Beehive State thing than Jazz.... I mean, really, do Mormons even allow jazz?

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