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Royals alternates today

BJ Sands

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this may be off topic a little, but i am suprised that the royals still use black cleats rather then blue, even with their normal uniform set

Not that shocking....the Angels (who you'd think would be wearing red cleats seeing their primary color is red) also go with black....I think the Nats do as well, but that'd be understandable seeing it switches from red at home to navy on the road...

Also, most teams with navy as their primary (Braves, Yanks, Tigers, Red Sox, Indians, M's, Twins) go with the black shoe look.

Personally, I like it...more teams should do that, IMO B)

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With no black they look like the Dodgers. I always thought the black trim looked good, but I didnt think the black jersey added anything. I liked the black hat though. Those grey sets do look really nice.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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