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Fred T. Jane

Local Semi-Pro Baseball

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Howdy folks,

I was reading some newspapers from 1940 and was reminded that there were 2 Semi-Pro leagues that were quite active from the 1920s through the late 1950s. They were the Evangeline League and the Teche League, which was an offshoot of the Evangeline League. The quality of play was decent, and most people compare it to AA Minor Leagues today.

With that said, I doubt I'll ever get around to finishing it, but I'm aiming to give them uniforms if they were still playing today. Some would have modern designs, whilst others would probably keep a traditional look.

I don't have the list of all of the teams offhand, but here's a few of the teams from the Teche league circa 1940:

Abbeville Aces

Crowley Millers (Rice Milling)

Erath Crusaders

Weeks Island Red Sox

Youngsville Cardinals

If anyone would like to jump in and do one, feel free to do so. First up for me is the Abbeville Aces, which were the perrenial doormats. I figured I'd go traditional for them, so here's the logo, and wordmarks for the home and road jerseys



Home Wordmark


Road Wordmark


C&C Welcome as always. :)

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I'm diggin these, I really like the "Aces" Script and the "Abbeville" is pretty awsome too. The red pinstripes look a little weird maybe try blue? Would you be doing jerseys for them? Overall a great concept.


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OK, I finished the home jerseys. I changed the red pinstriping to blue to see what the difference would be. C&C is welcome. :)


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