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Madden '07 and uniforms

BJ Sands

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good news. At least for the 360. Looking at some SS's at IGN it looks like the seahawks Blue/blue is actually in there.


and just saw one of the vikes new uniforms.


dont know about other problems... or other platforms.

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and just saw one of the vikes new uniforms.

New uniforms, old helmets.

It's not like only EA is lazy with the jerseys. Both MLB 2k6 and The Show have some pretty terrible (as in really outdated) jersey mistakes.

Did they ever get the right numbers on the Yankees' unis?

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What consistently drives me nuts about Madden is how little they bother to update the customize features. The stadium design is interesting, but the uniform design is pathetic. It is not even half as good as NCAA's, where at least you don't have to calculate the effect of your jersey color on your pant stripes. How hard could it be to create a deeper customize feature that at least reflects some of the current NFL designs and gives you some freedom to actually put the colors you want on the stripes (helmet, sleeve, pants)??

I know that logo/uniform nuts are a rare breed among gamers but this couldn't be that hard or that much of a memory drain for the game. Throw me a bone, EA!!!

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Well, I was wrong about a few things concerning this year's madden:

- they got the vikings jerseys updated. Granted they look kinda stupid, but they're right.

-the soundtrack will probably be pretty badass. They've got some red jumpsuit apparatus, 30 seconds to mars, afi, etc. Not too shabby. I expect it all to get old immediately, but good initial bands thusfar.

Here's some other info straight from madden nation:

Create A Player

- 8 different skin tones and about a dozen facial options for each skin tone. There is a decent amount of variety here as far as what you can make the player look like.

- Arm size

- Arm definition

- Chest Size

- Belly Size

- Rear Size

- Thigh size

- Calf size

- Feet size


I couldn't list all of the options here, so there are some missing. I tried to include all of the ones that had stuff that looked new to me.

Helmets- Standard, Standard1, Standard2, Revolution

Standard Facemasks- 2 Bars, 2 Bar Single, 3 Bars, 3 Bar Single, 3 Bar QB, 3 Bar RB, 3 Bar RB Single, 3 Bar RB Jagged, Bull RB, Robot, Robot RB, Full Cage Robot, Full Cage, Full Cage 2, Half Cage, Half Cage 2, Kicker

Revo Facemasks- Revo Kicker, Revo Normal, Revo Normal 2, Revo QB, Revo Robot, Revo Full Cage, Revo Full Cage 2, Revo Half Cage

Visors: Clear (although, admittedly it didn't appear totally clear.. I couldn't see through it on the menu), light tint, dark tint, amber

Neck Pad: Neckroll (you're given a slider to adjust the height of this)

Sleeves: Standard, Sleeveless

Arm Sleeves, Half Sleeve White, Half Sleeve Black, Half Sleeve TC, Full Sleeve White, Full Sleeve Black, Full Sleeve TC

Elbows: Elbowpad White, Elbowpad Black, Elbowpad TC

Thigh Pads: Large, Small, None

Knee Pads: Large, Small, None

Shoes: OL Hitop, Lowcut Reebok, Midcut Reebok, Kicker

These options are all available for created players. I was unable to find an option to edit existing players from the main roster menu. Hopefully it's in there, but if it is I couldn't find a way. I'll have to check this against what some of the other community guys saw to know for sure.

Impressions from madden nation admin 1:


  * Overall the game is much improved over what we played at E3. If I had them next to each other, I would?ve thought they were a year separated. It was that significant a difference between the two versions.

    * NCAA 360 players will find the feel and much of the look of the game very familiar. Thankfully that is a great thing since that title has received an overwhelming positive reaction. Madden is very similar when it comes down to the game play only it is tweaked more to represent the NFL style of play.

    * Not quite as many broken tackles, not as many blocked kicks, not as many big game-breaking type plays. However the possibility of them remains just not as common. Seemed well done in that regard.

    * Many 06 problems such as extreme suction blocking and QB fumbles have been nullified

    * Graphically it looks great, even the stadiums are noticeably better. The crowd looks really good, much better then it does in NCAA. You also get a couple more pre-snap cut scenes including one for a WR and one for a CB. On no-huddle the QB no longer looks like a chicken flapping his wings.

    * The field degradation is really impressive. Even in practice mode you?ll see it get torn up severely at the place where you run your plays over and over. In rain and snow you?ll notice it even more. You?ll see it translate to the uniforms getting dirty also.

    * As in NCAA there are some real nice looking post-play reactions/celebrations. The atmosphere in and around the game is enhanced. In this way the presentation has improved. I know that isn?t necessarily what many people are looking for when they say they want better presentation, but it does add to the game experience.

    * Cardinals Stadium looks amazing. You also got the choice of playing with the roof open or the roof closed. In all the open stadiums, the light and shadows were amazing. If you played in the Cardinals Stadium with it open for example, depending on the time of day there will only be part of the field and/or part of the crowd that have sun shining on them

    * Controls are fully customizable. However in Superstar mode you can only use default controls

    * Superstar mode looks fantastic. We got into it a little bit and I think its going to be a lot of fun. I ended up being a safety, and despite my 5.3 40 time I was drafted in the 3rd round by the Packers. I really like that you work out for 4 individual teams before the draft. For me it was the Rams, Raiders, Titans, and Jets. So you get 4 chances to impress them in the drills specific to your position which for me was the 40, bench press, and coverage challenge. You can edit your SS?s accessories/equipment, and create him to your liking looks wise with a good amount of options (Rac will be writing up pretty much everything you could imagine on those options).

    * Manual control of the players feels much better and allows you to play defense as a DB or S. I probably got more user picks today then I did in all of my games playing Madden 06 360.

    * The highlight stick is really cool. Having it suited automatically (and varied) to the strengths of the individual player being controlled is a very significant addition to the game.

    * Jump the snap seemed exactly like it does in NCAA. A neat feature but the risk involved probably will mean it won?t be used extensively. I like having the option though, cause you can decide if you want to take that risk and use it strategically.

    * Controlling the blocker worked well in some situations, such as runs up the middle and taking the FB, or starting right off with a lineman. In other situations it was much tougher to use effectively. It could very well be just cause we have very little time practicing with it. I think people will find it useful, but Im not sure if it will be a real common thing everyone will utilize regular basis.

    * Defensive playbooks were the same with the exception of Ravens and Patriots specific ones. Im not sure if it was limited only in the build we were using, or if those are the only two team specific defensive books there will be. Within the 3-4 there was a formation 3-4 Stack. For some reason that looked new to me, but since I don?t regularly use the 3-4 Im not sure if its always been there or if its new to 07.

    * Kicking seemed too easy, especially kickoffs. We were routinely booting them 8 yards deep into the endzone. This was while on All-Madden too. However the kick returns set up pretty well so its not a bad idea to take them out anyway. But it was a little annoying to know its that easy to turn a touchback.

    * Penalties seem pretty well done. Saw pass interference, encroachment, roughing, and clipping. Once again seemed comparable to NCAA

    * There are some stutters while on the play selection/pause screens like has been noticed in NCAA. That caused some frustration when you?re trying to scan around and you end up selecting the wrong thing

    * There were a few issues with warping through players, which seemed to happen when using the highlight stick and going through players engaged in another animation (such as a lineman being blocked). It resulted in a few kooky plays but happened only sporadically.

    * Unfortunately it appears there is no snapshot feature in Madden like there was in NCAA.

    * The mini-games are great. I especially liked the Lineman and Coverage Challenges. Check out Rac's mini-game thread for details on those

    * Dominic Rhodes is the most amazing RB ever (unfortunately)

    * It seems that the Madden Challenge has NOT yet had its platform determined.

    * The first thing I did was check the Seahawks road uniforms and thankfully they have finally gotten them right. That along with the logo on the field at Qwest pointing the right way pleased me very much. The teams are still on the wrong sidelines, but that was my least worry of the bunch. Still odd though to see the logo on Holmgren?s hat pointing the wrong direction.

Here's some impressions from site admin 2 after a madden 07 conference:

First and foremost, this is, by far, the most beautiful football game I?ve ever played. I don?t know if it was the EA Dell LCDs or what, but the player models, stadiums, animations, etc? were absolutely ridiculous. People that know my general take on Madden know that I don?t normally drink the koolaid, but they hit the nail on the head with the graphics this year.

Starting with stadiums, I played a few games today, each in different stadiums. My first game was versus Marcus from MM. He was the Cowboys and I was the Cards (because he took the Boys). Right off the bat, I was impressed by the ability to choose whether I wanted to play with the Cards? stadium roof open or closed. I chose closed and the stadium was impressive, to say the least. First-off, the field lighting was distinctly different depending on the conditions (i.e. day-time lighting, indoor vs. outdoor stadium lighting at night, etc?). This was especially impressive when I compared the Cards? stadium closed indoor lighting versus Pasta?s Seahawks? open nighttime lighting. Furthermore, you?d see the real-time lighting reach a whole new level with venues like Texas Stadium and Pro Player Field. I was also watching a winter game with the Browns and you could see the degradation of the field as time went on until the middle of the field was a mudpit.

Also, just wait until you see what surrounds each stadium. EA?s accurate capture of the surrounding outside city was amazing. It was particularly awe-inspiring when seen with Qwest and Heinz fields.

Last, but not least, the fans. You really take notice of the fans in the seats this year. EA really spent time pushing past the pixilated, cookie-cutter fan surroundings. I know this all sounds like things we?ve seen, but just wait. The capability of the next-gen engine makes you truly feel like you?re watching a Sunday afternoon game.

What surrounds you is all good and well, but let?s get down to what really matters: what the game looks like between the hash marks. Understatement of the Year: Player models have been improved since Madden 06. No longer will we see kickers and punters that look like HHH. Each position, this year, has a realistic and distinctive look. I?m not sure if it was EA paying particular attention to lineman or what, but the linemen models were dead-on this release. You could even, visually, tell tackles and guards apart on the field. It was very evident when looking at someone like Orlando Pace compared to the Rams? guards.

As far as animations, you won?t see a lot of difference between 06 and 07, at most positions. QBs, CBs, and WRs look, for the most part, the same (although, the celebration animations will be very fun for Cowboys? fans with our prized acquisition). However, EA went all out with the backfield and offensive linemen. In Q & A with Madden developers, we were told that Madden 07 includes 800-1000 new animations. I believe it. The vast, VAST majority of these animations were seen with the running backs (I will spend a lot of time talking about the improvements in the running game later). The slips through the holes, the grinding out of extra yards, the slipped arm tackles, etc?, the running game animations are completely sick. You will also see a myriad of new animations when controlling blockers. I saw 5+ different cut blocks and several other forms of standard blocks.

In my opinion, the most important addition this year was the player -specific animations. In talks with developers, I had a real appreciation for how their animators captured the individual running styles of NFL players. They grabbed Tiki?s high-chest carry of the rock, TO?s distinctive gallop down the sidelines, Jamal Lewis? upright running style, etc? All-in-all, you will be able to tell players apart without looking at their team or jersey numbers.

Bottom line is that EA has taken advantage of the 360?s capabilities and delivered a graphical masterpiece. I can?t really see how we could experience a graphically improved game, unless we get a euphoria-esque collision detection system (which doesn?t seem too far away, based on developer comments).


Last year, we experienced a ground-up, stripped-down version of Madden. This year, we will see many new and many familiar features make their way into the game, as we experience what we expected to see with Madden 06. The expansion of rating categories in next-gen Madden opens up the game to whole new level of sim-gaming.

First, the ?Run to Daylight? feature was much more than your average gimmick. I have never had SO much fun running the football in a game of Madden. EA went all-out on the running game this year. We?ll see RBs get skinny, break ankles, dive over the pile, stutter step, and truck LBs. We get it all this year. Watching Pasta use Alexander, RAC use Portis and as I used J. Jones, I was amazed by how dominant the running game could be if you utilized it correctly. Now, it will take time to get use to controlling your lead blocker, but the capability to break huge runs with a blocker exists and is exciting when it happens.

If you want to really control the clock and ground game, however, get comfortable with using the right analog stick. Madden developers were straightforward about the fact that unleashing the full potential of the running game depended on learning the finer elements of the highlight stick. The key attributes linked to the highlight stick were the elusiveness and truck attributes. Depending on those attributes, and the RB being controlled, your use of the highlight stick will have varying results. For example, Portis had a relatively high truck and elusiveness rating. As a result, his ability to juke and quick-spin away from would-be tacklers is very obvious, and I saw him truck for extra yardage on several occasions. Developers also mentioned that L.T. was a great RB, obviously, to show off the highlight stick with.

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I downloaded a video for Madden on markteplace last night and it appears that they showed renders of the Packers and Bears '94 throwback jerseys once. Does this mean we will get throwbacks this year? I hope so and especially with the 94 throwbacks like in 2k would be great

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i'm not gonna even waste the time renting this crap,i'm just gonna buy NCAA 07

P.S. DX Rules!


Anyways, Madden should put the Ravens 96 uniforms in there. I know they can't use the logo, but they can use the uniform. I'm glad however they've been phasing in the 97-98 uniforms.

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Any word on whether they've fixed the most annoying feature... the inability to use team logos when creating new uniforms?

Do you mean with NFL & classic logos?

he means in franchise mode when you make an alt. unform for your team you can't use the teams logo on the uniform

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Does anyone else think that Madden gives you the worst logos to work with when you create teams? Most of them are so cartoonish and are logos you would almost never find for a professional team.

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