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I had some help from a guy I work with but here is a logo I made:


It is already the site logo but I just want to show you guys here to see what I need to improve on for future iterations.

*there is no link active on this picture with it as I thought it would be rude to do that*

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seeing that wouldn't make me click it, that's for sure.

the font is barely legible, if you want traffic to your site, use type that can be read.

the photoshop effects are just that, photoshop effects....any designer can spot them from a mile away. maybe the average joe would think it looks cool or something, but if you really want to impress, stay away from gimmicks and try for a classic look.

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Also, check out what the image looks like at different sizes. It just barely works at that (rather large) size... if you were to shrink that down, you'd quickly lose any text legibility or recognizability of the players as players.

When you take a couple of steps back away from the screen, it starts to look like a huge snot-coloured football that was shot with black paintballs.

There's some good ideas there, but it just doesn't work in this combination. Sorry.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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