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maryland terps baseball


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ok, honestly, i would rather see somebody try to do something off the wall and unique like this than just a cookie cutter traditional concept. it is much more interesting, and puts a whole new perspective on jerseys. seeing basically the same thing over and over is not that interesting. somebody needs to mix it up a little. craftsmanship is honestly bad on this piece, but that can easily be taught. originality however, cannot be taught. keep working at the program you are using (im assuming MS paint?). just play around in the program a little bit on a trial concept, just work at making a jersey look good in that program, then use that skill on a more serious concept. if you are using Paint, try saving the file as a .png instead of a .jpg, it will improve the resolution. keep working at it and stay original.

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Why do you post it if you think it sucks? You need to work on making the concepts the best you possibly can before you post, plain and simple. Otherwise, it's a spectacular failure. You're always going to fall way, way, way short if you don't take the time to carefully craft your concepts paying attention to even the smallest of details. Each element should have a purpose, if it doesn't, scrap it dude. There's nothing wrong with hitting Shift+Z or even every now and again going back to the drawing board altogether. It's fine to think out of the box, it's not okay to just slap a bunch of :censored: together and hope it works.

I'm with Hurricane David in that I refuse to believe this was a serious attempt at a concept.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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