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The King is staying at North London

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To all gooooner fans and gooner fan wannabees, the Thierry Henry announced he is staying at Arsenal, for the rest of his career. yes,, and too bad to all you Barca fans, even if you do have your trophy!!!

My heart told me to stay'

Thierry Henry has announced at a Highbury press conference that he is staying at Arsenal. 'There had been so much speculation about me leaving - I won't lie, it crossed my mind,' he said. 'But I think with my heart and it told me to stay. I have been welcomed with open arms, the love I receive here is something I can't forget.' [+]

Full article here


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This was the news all Gooners needed after that gut-wrenching loss. Henry's a class act.


I've said it all along - I'd rather lose the CL Final than lose Henry. Not that it had to be an either/or, but from the sound of things the loss helped cement his decision.

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aaaaaaaand now we also have Czech midfield maestro Tomas Rosicky too - linkzor. He's truly an underrated world-class player, and I can't wait to see a midfield with Freddie and Bobby out on the wings and Tomas and Cesc pulling the strings in the center (bow) he might even be able to play the hole slot behind Thierry, allowing Gilberto to roam in the holding spot....hehehehe. I can also see him wearing the #10 shirt next year too.

it's a signing I've been hoping for since last summer, and it's finally come through ^_^

Thierry re-signing should lock up Bobby and certainly helped lock up Tomas for us.

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