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Rollin' right along with this project, we have the Xavier Musketeers:


-This one had a lot of potential to end up looking like my Seton Hall concept. Similar colors, similar font used for the wordmark, and I wanted to make them different.

-Honestly, not really a lot I can say. Shoulder stripes, with attempts to make the striping consistent on each uniform. Originally had the home pants silver, but XU doesn't seem to use a lot of silver (except I did see a silver women's basketball jersey) so I went with white.

-Throwback home alt, my original idea was to use the same jersey that Xavier last wore in 1974. However...I'm convinced that pictures of Xavier football do not exist. I might even be convinced that the entire program may not have existed. :D

-Oh, and if you can guess why I used #46 on the throwback, you get cool points or something. ^_^

C&C welcomed, as always!

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I'm not a big fan of numbers on the sleves instead of the shoulders, but that's a great job.

Request time: Could you use another team that has a similar color scheme, New Orleans, as your next concept? I'll work a Division I-A fitting stadium ideas for a complement. (That's what you get for being in the Sun Belt Conference.)

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Alright, since it looks like comments are pretty much done on this one:

-I'll look into more blue on the away uniform...looking at it again, yeah, there's a bit too much silver. I'll go so far as to guarantee changing at least the numbers or the pants, maybe both.

-I liked the secondary logo as well, but I just couldn't find anywhere for it on the uniform. On the neck or the pants was basically my only option, and I really liked the look of the X there. Trust me though, if there were anywhere else to put a logo with it looking decent, the Musketeer would be there.

I'll probably have the "final" version, barring any more comments, tomorrow.

Oh, and BigMac...I definitely intend to do the Privateers, but there's a few schools I'd like to get to first. They're on the list, though.

Thanks to everyone that commented!

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