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Are You Ready....For Some Football?


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This is a new concept project, that I have been thinking about starting for a week now. I finally am ready to begin!! I will be doing a redo, of all the NFL teams, in order. During the way, I might add some new, teams, to what I call the minor leagues. Well without wasting any more time, I would like to start, the project!! YAY!! So lets get it started!


1) Arizona Cardinals

2) Atlanta Falcons

3) Baltimore Ravens

4) Buffalo Bills

5) Carolina Panthers

6) Chicago Bears

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The desert just recieved new logos last year, which totally rock! So with out waiting any longer. Here are the 06' Arizona Cardinals uniforms.



My personal favorite





What do you think? C&C, after about 10 days, if i get enough comments I will redo each concept!

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I tried, but it didn't look to good. Being, a MS PAINT USER!

I use MS paint to i dont understand whats the big deal about using it. And now about the concept, it needs work the first thing i though when i saw it was Arizona State. You also have a red logo on a red helmet and red numbers on a red jersey and red pants on a jersey with every thing else red, use some different colors and more creativity.

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1. too many helmets

2. names on back are way too big

3. city on front is way too big for my tastes

4. numbers same color as jerseys

5. an all yellow alternate? plase don't

6. like others said, it isnt a color by number, you can make your own real design instead of coloring in little closed off patches.

7. black is just thrown into the red jersey set, either use it in all or not at all.

8. stripes on the alternate pants bother me cause they are different than the rest, while all the jersey designs are the same

9. how about some tv numbers or a shoulder logo?

10. not about your concept, but the jerseys on that template look like they belong in lacrosse not football.

i hope the rest come out better than these. i dont want to sound all negative, but thats all the feedback i have.

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