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Bucks Draft Hat


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Yes, they did change the font for the BUCKS wordmark. I would have preferred a forest green and bronze/copper color scheme, but I must say that this doesn't look too bad. I'm encouraged by what I'm seeing so far...

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Red's probably going to be an alternate if anything, since it would seem like they chose a red hat to showcase the new color, since the new colored logo on a green hat would go way over the heads of the average fan.

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i hope the green remains as the primary color with the red as a secondary color. For example the road jerseys would be green with all the letters and numbers be white w/ red trim and a thin red stripe down the sides.

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I don't know if the Raptors' hat is a confirmation of anything. For reference, check out:

Washington Wizards' Draft Hat


Boston Celtics' Draft Hat


Charlotte Bobcats' Draft Hat


...They're just all alternates.

However, the Hawks' cap is really cool:


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Does anybody know who designed the Bucks' new wordmark?

I've been hoping that they don't just recolor their uniforms, and seeing the new logo is getting my hopes up. I can hardly wait to see the new threads.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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