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My first concept


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are the socks half white and half blue?

and i'd tone down some of those colors... that's a little too eye popping for my taste.

however, i like the logo... it's good, in an 80's sorta way.

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Not bad for a start. The colors are a bit bold and don't contrast...kind of like a small, low budget high school's uniform. A little hint: get some familiarity with the color wheel and learn what complimentary colors are. Red and blue are both primary, and primary colors clash next to eachother unless you contrast their tones and saturation (i.e. make one color dark and the other light). Anyway, I would like to see the same pants with a white shirt in your style. You would have some nice contrast there and something I would see feasible on the field.


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Hey's hes way better then any of my concepts

And your point is??? Just because someone posts something up here that's better than the crap you do doesn't mean that anyone else has to like it or say anything nice about it. Serious designers have stopped posting concepts here because they get no C&C whereas "my first paint-by-numbers concept" like this gets 2 or 3 pages.

Sorry to be so harsh, but it is what it is. Krock, looks like this took you 10-15 minutes, tops. You need to give some real effort before you post something if you want a community of sports logo geeks, hacks, designers, and aficionados to actually take notice. This shows no attention to detail. No TV numbers, no helmet logo...nothing ties the logo to the uniform except using the same colors. The colors clash, the pants and socks create the dreaded leotard effect, and there's no road set.

Take the time to study other concepts. See how the top designers you are exposed to do theirs. Take notes if necessary. Feel free to ask questions, too. When I first started here, the guys were extremely helpful and gave me tips, tricks, and pointers. No matter what, you'll need to practice, practice, and practice some more. By practice I do not mean submit something you just whipped up to show everyone what you did "in your free time." When you think you have something worthy of showcasing to the world, present it with the confidence that you've done your best. If you don't think it's the best you can do AT THE TIME, just don't show anything. Take your time...it's okay.

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thanks alot this will help me ummmm not suck

anny way if you guys didn't know I used the old logo for the team in D.C when the AFL started play so it would have been hard to change the logo or the colors

gregjigga5 i'm tryin to get helmate logos but its hard to find or shrink logos small enough

Thanks again

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1. It's too small.

2. It's too rushed.

3. It's too basic.

4. It's not consistent.

5. It's not good.

Agreed, plus let's add a #6:

No credit nor mention was given to the fact that you borrowed the logo of the original arena team from 1987/1990.

Seriously, people, if you use a preexisting logo, at least mention that or cite it.

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The sleeves need to be more than just one color. The helmet needs to have a logo on it. Very few teams work without one. The sock stripe should not match the pants. I agree that it's too small. If you are using only Paint it will be hard to do anything other than a basic uniform.

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